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Book Rey Mysterio If He Never Joined WWE in 2018 - Part 2: Booyaka

Part 1 here
In this part, we saw Rey Mysterio jump onto the scene of NJPW. He started off hot, taking on his two amigos in Jushin Thunder Liger and Hiroshi Tanahashi respectively. At King of Pro-Wrestling, he defeated Liger - but fell to The Ace in a match for his G1 Climax briefcase. He then won the IWGP United States Championship off of Cody to end his offspring of Bullet Club, and would embark on a title reign. He successfully defended against Bandido last time we saw him, and now he moves onto his next challenger.
Book Rey Mysterio If He Never Joined WWE in 2018 - Part 2: Booyaka
G1 Supercard:
Rey Mysterio (c) vs. Tomohiro Ishii - IWGP United States Championship
Rey Mysterio skips out on the New Japan Cup, and instead prepares for the G1 Supercard. It will be the biggest show NJPW have held in America, and since he’s the United States Champion he will be defending. Rey ventures off to GCW for Joey Janela’s Spring Break, taking part in the Clusterfuck as a surprise entrant. On Night Two, after Janela faces off with Jungle Boy - he calls out Rey to a match for a later date. Mysterio doesn’t respond, instead he’s in Madison Square Garden to face off against a New Japan semi-finalist, Tomohiro Ishii. He lost to Okada in the semis, and is angry. He wants to take his anger out on someone, and the IWGP United States Champion is his next victim.
He fought in the inaugural title match but came up short to Kenny Omega, but now he has his chance to become the first Japanese man to hold it. After seeing Mayu Iwatani retain the Women of Honor Championship, we move to our next match - as Tomohiro Ishii walks out to a loud MSG pop. In the front row are Mysterio’s daughter, Aalyah and his wife. Then we see his son, Dominick, as a young lion at ringside. He got kicked in the head by Minoru Suzuki earlier so he’s just having a great time. They’re dad then enters out in the same gear he wore to the actual WrestleMania that weekend, as the villain “Mysterio” from Spider-Man Homecoming. He walks out with the gold Tomohiro lusts for, and rolls inside to pose with it on the second rope.
The bell is rung and Mysterio goes to lock up - BUT ISHII GRABS HIM INTO A RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX!! HE FOLLOWS WITH A BRIDGING GERMAN!! 1.........2.....KICK OUT BY REY REY!!! Mysterio is shocked at the sudden attack, and scurries up in the corner. ISHII GOES FOR A CLOTHESLINE BUT REY TURNS IT INTO A CRUCIFIX PIN!!! 1........ISHII KICKS OUT AND IS HIT BY A ROUNDHOUSE KICK!! REY WITH A HEADSCISSORS TAKEDOWN!! Rey regains and takes a moment to intake what’s happening, and GOES FOR A SHIRANUI!! ISHII COUNTERS WITH A SPIKE DDT!!! 1..............2..........KICK OUT INTO A POWERBOMB!!!! 1.............2..........TOMOHIRO LOCKS IN A BOSTON CRAB!! There is no escape for Mysterio from this rabid dog - who is hungry. Ishii locks in the hold and cinches it tighter.
The crowd are going nuts at these two guys fighting spirit. ISHII GOES FOR A GERMAN SUPLEX, BUT REY FLIPS OUT AND HITS A HEADSCISSORS!! HE GOES FOR A 619 - BUT ISHII SPINS HIM TO THE OUTSIDE!! TOMOHIRO RUNS THE ROPES, BUT IS HIT BY A SPRINGBOARD CROSSBODY!! He lifts Ishii up and runs the ropes, TO HIT A BULLDOG!! INTO A TORNADO DDT!! He calls for a 619, as Ishii crawls to the ropes. HE HITS IT!! HE DIVES FOR THE SEATED SENTON - BUT NO NECK TOM CATCHES AND HITS A BRAINBUSTER!!! 1...............2..............MYSTERIO KICKS OUT!!! Everyone explodes that Rey kicked out, and Ishii is still that angry dog - but he just got a whiff of a juicy steak. Tom lifts him up, looks him dead in his dead eyes - AND HEADBUTTS HIM TO SHIT!!
Tomohiro Ishii defeats Rey Mysterio (12:51)
PROGRESS Chapter 88: Super Strong Style 16:
Marty Scurll vs. Rey Mysterio
With his United States Championship lost, ending his 92 day reign, Mysterio heads away from Japan for a while to regain himself. He’s confirmed to show up at PROGRESS‘ Super Strong Style, but later revealed that he won’t actually participate - instead wrestle on the last night in a standard singles match with no prizes but merit. Meanwhile, his opponent is scheduled to be...Marty Scurll. A man who hasn’t appeared in PROGRESS in a long while, mainly because he’s in the middle of a ROH World Championship reign. Having begun his reign in June of 2018, Marty still holds it. He’ll return to PROGRESS for this night however, as he wants to face Rey…badly. After Dominion last year when Rey lost to Marty, he’s wanted to defeated him one on one. A year of wait, and he finally gets his chance. The ultimate hero vs. The ultimate villain, it’s like a comic book finale.
In the lead up, Marty cuts a promo on Mysterio. In it he is as snivelling as ever, offering his wife Angie a night with him and calling Dominick “a giant lummocks“. Then when the third night of the Super Strong Style 16 arrives, we hear Rey Mysterio’s entrance music for the first time in PROGRESS history, as he enters to a raucous pop from the Alexandra Palace. Alexandra Park in London lose their minds for the Lucha Libre legend, who comes out in Black Knight attire (a Marvel superhero from Britain). The fans love him and he shakes hand with Jim Smallman as he enters. Marty Scurll’s reception is mixed, but he certainly wants it to be vocally harsh. He takes beer out of fans hands and spits it at them, which certainly turns their reactions around.
The two men stare down after the bell is rung, a seismic stare. Rey puts his hand up with two fingers, but so does Scurll. They then both do the “2-0-5” taunt in sync. The crowd laugh, which Marty doesn’t like. He taunts on the second turnbuckle to earn their ire. Rey does the same and receives a good response. Scurll then jumps off and walks over to Rey - WHO DIVES AT HIM WITH A HURRICANERANA! They then run the ropes, AND MARTY CATCHES HIM WITH AN ARM DRAG HANDSPRING! MYSTERIO HITS HIS OWN ARM DRAG! Marty runs the ropes but Rey goes for a FRONT DROPKICK - but Marty halts so Rey misses the boat. SCURLL THEN DOUBLE FOOT STOMPS ON THE LUCHADORS FEET!! He lifts him up and starts to chop his chest.
Marty finishes the chops, AND THEN HITS A ROPE-ASSISTED ENZIGURI!! He stomps on Rey while he shouts at fans who boo him, telling them to be louder. He smashes his knee into a kneeling Rey, and then lifts him into a Gory Special!! REY ESCAPES WITH A SUNSET FLIP!! HE RUNS THE ROPES AND GOES FOR A SPRINGBOARD CROSSBODY, BUT SCURLL CATCHES WITH A SITOUT SUPLEX SLAM!! HE RUNS THE ROPES AND HITS A PENALTY KICK!! HE LOCKS IN AN OCTOPUS HOLD!! He wrenches on it, but Rey shuffles to the ropes. Scurll then slides outside to shout at a fan who insulted him. SCURLL IS THEN HIT BY A SUICIDE DIVE INTO A HEADSCISSORS BY MYSTERIO!! REY THROWS HIM INSIDE AND HITS A FROGSPLASH!!! 1................2............KICK OUT!!! MARTY DOESN’T DIE AFTER THE SURPRISE ATTACK!!
Rey is now out of his trance of being beaten down and is back in the fight. Scurll goes for a Wheelbarrow Bodyscissors but Rey counters with an Arm Drag! HE GOES FOR A SUNSET FLIP PIN BUT SCURLL BREAKS OUT WITH A LANZA!! SCURLL THEN LIFTS REY UP FOR A GERMAN SUPLEX!! HE CONNECTS, AND GOES FOR ANOTHER! BUT MYSTERIO FLIPS OUT AND HITS A HEADSCISSORS!! HE THEN CONNECTS A BASEBALL SLIDEFOLLOWED BY HEADSCISSORS!! Rey is on a roll as he dances like Eddie outside. Scurll goes to push him into a fans seat, but Mysterio ducks and PUSHES HIM INTO THE APRON!! They then fight there. Scurll knocks Rey off and CONNECTS A SUPERKICK FROM THE APRON!! HE THEN DIVES OUT WITH A MOONSAULT TO THE FLOOR!!
Now they’re both on the ground. Scurll is dead and so is Rey. They crawl up by the fans laps. Scurll asks a fan to hold Rey in place as he lines up a Penalty Kick. MYSTERIO EVADES BEFORE THE KICK CONNECTS AND PUSHES HIM ONTO A GROUP OF FANS SEATS!! HE THEN DIVES OFF THE SECOND ROPE WITH A CROSSBODY - OVER THE FANS HEADS TO SCURLL!! They’re both even more dead than before and spend time climbing out of the wreckage, through fans and bent and fallen chairs. Rey navigates his way back while Marty writhes in the agony. Once back in the ring Mysterio dives for a Seated Senton - BUT IS HIT BY A SUPERKICK!! SCURLL HITS THE BLACK PLAGUE AND ROLLS INTO THE CROSSFACED CHICKENWING!! REY GETS HIS FOOT ON THE ROPES!! Scurll angrily lets go, throwing the luchador to the mat.
They roll outside to recover after the big rush of counters. Scurll is first up and walks over to Rey’s daughter and wife. He tries to chat them up, BUT REY TURNS HIM AROUND INTO A THROW INTO THE RING POST!! HE HITS A BIG BOOT INTO THE STEEL!! Rey then sets up a wooden table, and brings Scurll up to the apron. They both trade forearms there. Marty jumps to the second rope, possibly looking for a TORNADO DDT!! REY BRINGS HIM DOWN AND HITSMA HURRICANERANA OFF THE APRON!! SCURLL CRASHES DOWN THROUGH THE WOODEN TABLE ONTO THE WOODEN FLOOR!! Scurll grabs his back in utter agony, his spine crushed by the wooden table and floor. Rey then picks him off the mat and rolls him inside.
Marty Scurll defeats Rey Mysterio (19:58)
Dominion 2019:
Kazuchika Okada (c) vs. Rey Mysterio - IWGP Heavyweight Championship
At Wrestling Dontaku, we see Kazuchika Okada and SANADA face off for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship in Night Two’s main event on May 4th. Afterwards, Rey Mysterio appears on video where he says he will return to New Japan at Dominion to take on Okada for his IWGP Heavyweight Championship. The Rainmaker then states that in his post-match press conference, that he’s always wanted to face Rey Mysterio and that he’ll be happy to do it. Rey is a good and honourable man who deserves this title match after 25 years of wrestling. Okada is happy to give him the opportunity but makes sure Mysterio knows, he won’t win.
Later in the month is AEW’s Double or Nothing. The highly anticipated show features a plethora of talent and star studded match ups, after the Jacksonville and Las Vegas rallies individually. Rey Mysterio appears at neither however despite heavy rumour and speculation. However, to open the show we see the Casino Battle Royale. In this we get a bomb dropped on us - the debut of Mysterio in AEW. Entering as the Joker, he comes and cleans house. It comes down to him and Adam Page, who face off in a 5-minute long battle. The winner will face either Kenny Omega or Chris Jericho at All Out for the AEW World Championship so the stakes are high. In the end, Hangman eliminates Rey after a Buckshot and Superkick combo.
Then two weeks later is Dominion. For the first time ever, Rey Mysterio will challenge for the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship. After a hell of the show we reach the main event. We’ve seen Dragon Lee vs. Will Ospreay, and Kota Ibushi vs. Tetsuya Naito, and now we’re here. Rey Mysterio cuts a promo earlier in the show about how this means the world to him, this opportunity, and that he needs to win. He will never get a chance like this again, and can’t waste it. Mysterio represents is no-nonsense ordeal, as he comes out dressed as The Punisher. He’s got the navy singlet, with a skull across it. His mask then has the skull as well on it. Mysterio taunts on the second rope, but then Okada comes out. It’s the same thing he felt against Tanahashi and Liger, just being in the presence of someone on another world.
When the bell rings, they don’t lock up straight away. They take in the magnitude of the stage and suck it all in. About a minute passes of this, before they lock up. They get into a collar and elbow, and Rey spins into a waist lock. Okada arm drags him off and cinches in a chinlock. Rey tries to flip out but Okada simply lowers down with him. HE THEN HITS A BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX!! Okada cinches in another chinlock. Rey gets up and Irish whips Okada to the ropes. The Rainmaker rebounds and connects a Shoulder Block to take Mysterio down. Rey gets up while Okada runs the ropes, and hits a HEADSCISSORS! Mysterio ducks under a clothesline and cinches the waistlock. He takes Okada down and applies a nerve hold, then hits a Spinal Tap!
Okada lifts himself up and runs the ropes for a Short-arm Lariat! Rey stumbles back and rolls into a VICTORY ROLL!! 1........2.....KICK OUT!! OKADA GETS UP WITH A SHOULDER BLOCK, AND THEN RUNS THE ROPES FOR A RONT DROPKICK INTO THE CORNER!! Mysterio takes a Bret Hart sell of falling on impact. OKADA LIFTS HIM FOR A FLAPJACK BUT REY FLIPS OUT AND HITS AN ARM DRAG!! HE RUNS THE ROPES BUT IS CAUGHT IN A WHEELBARROW !BODYSCISSORS, THAT IS COUNTERED WITH A BULLDOG!! FLYING HEADSCISSORS BY MYSTERIO!! HE RUNS THE ROPES BUT OKADA HITS THE FLAPJACK AND FOLLOWS WITH A MILLION DOLLAR DROPKICK!! Okada then lifts Mysterio up and throws him to the corner, and starts to apply shoulder blocks.
Okada Irish whips Mysterio who LEAPFROGS THE RAINMAKER AND HITS A MYSTERIO-EXPRESS!!! 1..........2.......KICK OUT!! OKADA WITH ANOTHER SHORT-ARM LARIAT!! Okada connects a European Uppercut to a kneeling Rey! This is the cut off, and The Rainmaker starts to stomp down on him. He lifts Mysterio up and Irish whips Rey, who jumps to the second rope AND DIVES OFF WITH A DIVING HURRICANERANA!!! OKADA ROLLS THROUGH AND CONNECTS A OPEN HAND CHOP!! DROPKICK!! HE LIFTS REY UP FOR A BACKBODY DROP BUT MYSTERIO EVADES AND HITS A SPINNING WHEEL KICK!! Rey is back in the fight, and runs the ropes for a RUNNING CROSSBODY!! HE HITS A TILT-A-WHIRL TORNADO DDT!! 1..........2........KICK OUT!!!
Rey pulls himself up by the ropes, hoping the comeback got him. He punches the air, but lifts The Rainmaker up. He heads to the apron and awaits Okada - BUT SUNSET FLIPS OVER! REY ROLLS HIM AND HITS A ROUNDHOUSE KICK!!! Mysterio then runs the ropes but OKADA WITH A BIG BOOT!! HE HITS THE HEAVY RAIN!! 1........2.........KICK OUT!!! REY PULLS HIMSELF UP AND HITS A LOU THESZ PRESS!! HE GOES FOR A SHIRANUI - BUT OKADA DUMPS HIM ONTO THE MAT!! Rey doesn’t get up from that one, feeling the pain. Okada stomps on him and kicks the head, THEN GOES FOR A DDT!! MYSTERIO SLIDES OUT AND HITS A HEADSCISSORS!! HE RUNS THE ROPES AND CONNECTS THE 619 OUT OF NOWHERE!! He climbs the ropes and points to the crowd - DIVING SPLASH!! 1.........2.........KICK OUT FROM THE RAINMAKER!!!
Rey gets desperate to end it and HITS A BASEBALL SLIDE TO THE OUTSIDE!! HE FOLLOWS WITH A SUICIDE DIVE INTO A HEADSCISSORS!! Okada falls into the guardrail both times, feeling the steel on his back. Rey goes to Irish whip but Okada reverses into his own. Rey then hops the guardrail and awaiting to see what Okada does. OKADA THEN DIVES OVER THE GUARDRAIL WITH THE SCOOBY DOOBY DOO!!! They both lay dead, as the referee counts down from 20. Eventually they get back up, after a lot of stumbling and tumbling. They get back in and REY DIVES WITH THE WEST COAST POP!! 1.........2.......OKADA ROLLS OUT OF IT WITH REY ON HIS BACK!!! ALABAMA SLAM!!! KICKOUT!!! HE LOCKS IN THE DEEP IN DEBT BUT REY GETS OUT!! HE RUNS TO THE CORBER BUT SO DOES OKADA WHO HITS A RUNNING BACK ELBOW!! HE THEN CONNECTS THE AIR RAID CRASH NECKBREAKER!!! 1...............2.............KICK OUT!!!!
Kazuchika Okada defeats Rey Mysterio (26:13)
Fyter Fest 2019:
The Elite (Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson) vs. Rey Mysterio and The Lucha Brothers (Fénix and Pentagon Jr.) - Six-man Tag Team Match
With the launch of All Elite Wrestling, many peoples attention have been grabbed. Double or Nothing as we know saw Rey Mysterio make his shock debut to open the main show as the Joker slot in the Casino Battle Royale. Him and Hangman Adam Page had a war as the final two, ending with Page winning. Now comes Fyter Fest, however this scheduled match between The Elite and The Lucha Bros/Pac has been altered. Pac pulls out and so the replacement is revealed on The Road To Fyter Fest, where Rey Mysterio is interviewed and then he announces he will be the partner of the Lucha Bros. This is the official main event of Fyter Fest, as the actual last match is Unsanctioned.
The Young Bucks enter first dressed as Ryu and Ken each, both posing on the stage until…the lights go down. A fan walks on stage, but then they go down again. KENNY APPEARS AS AKUMA’S RAGING DEMON!! He holds the finger gun over the fans body and makes his way down to the ring with his Elite stablemates. Then comes The Lucha Brothers. On the stage are Fénix and Pentagon dressed in their skull masks and hoodies. They both walk out but point to the centre, WHERE OUT COMES REY MYSTERIO!! Rey unhoods from his blue cloak to reveal his normal mask. He is dressed as Death from the Castlevania series in line with the whole skeleton aesthetic as well as for the video game tie-in.
“Round 1 – FIGHT!” yells Justin Roberts as Nick Jackson and Rey Mysterio start us off. They go into a lockup and start to push forward and back. Nick lifts himself to the second rope and tightropes it, before jumping down with an Arm Drag. Rey rolls through with that but jumps back in a Rana. They both run the ropes but Nick leapfrogs and Mysterio rolls under, then springboards off with a Crossbody. A cover goes nowhere and Nick kips up for his own arm drag, followed by a Back Body Drop that Rey flips out of. They then go to a stalemate at this point and reposition in their respective corners. Kenny whispers to Nick while Mysterio stretches on the ropes. They both then move forward to the centre.
Rey hits an Overhead Chop and follows with an Open Hand to the chest. He does this while maintaining wrist control. He then hits a Roundhouse Kick and an Enziguri, and runs up the ropes, then dives off with a CROSSBODY! Nick goes for a Superkick once up, but Rey spins him into a Spinning Wheel Kick attempt, which Nick spins and they HIT STEREO SUPERKICKS!! THEY THEN DOUBLE DOWN WITH CLOTHESLINES!! While their down, in come the others. EVERY TRIO IS IN THE RING AND A BRAWL BREAKS LOOSE! Kenny and Penta are going at it while Matt and Fénix do battle. They trade slaps and chops and kicks, until Mysterio and Nick are back up. REY HITS A AIR MYSTERIO TO NICK JACKSON!! The Lucha Bros then hit Superkicks to Kenny and Matt to take them outside. ALL THE LUCHADORS THEN DIVE OUT AFTER THE ELITE!!
They all enter the ring and isolate Matt. The Bros hit Superkicks and hold him in place for a MYSTERIO EXPRESS!! Nick comes inside but is hit by a Hook Kick, and then with a SEATED SENTON FROM REY!! FÉNIX WITH A DOUBLE SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT TO NICK!!! 1……..2…..KICK OUT!!!!! The Bros roll out and Nick and Mysterio keep going. They trade forearms, until Rey tags in Fénix. Fénix comes in hot with a Springboard Front Missile Dropkick to Nick. He looks for a double team with Pentagon, BUT NICK HITS THEM BOTH WITH A DROPSAULT!! HE TAGS IN MATT! MATT COMES IN WITH A TOPE CON HILO TO BOTH GUYS!1 HE HITS A NORTHERN LIGHTS ON PENTAGON WITH AN O’CONNOR ROLL ON FÉNIX!! 1………2……KICK OUT!! HIM AND NICK THEN HIT DOUBLE SLINGSHOT SITOUT FACEBUSTERS!!
Matt then gets a tag to Kenny Omega. OMEGA IS IN! Kenny runs straight forward with a Dropkick to Pentagon sending him outside. He hits a Backbreaker to a tagged in Mysterio , 1……2….KICK OUT!! HE GOES FOR THE YOU CAN’T ESCAPE!! BUT IT IS INDEED ESCAPED! MYSTERIO DIVES OFF THE TOP WITH A MOONSAULT!! Kenny recovers himself, BEFORE DIVING OUTSIDE WITH A RISE OF THE TERMINATOR TO PENTAGON!! PENTAGON CUTS HIM OFF! Cero…Miedo – AND THEY START TO FIGHT ON THE OUTSIDE!! They go to the apron where Pentagon lays in some chops, BUT OMEGA WITH A KOTARO KRUSHER ON THE APRON!! THE BUCKS THEN SEND FÉNIX TO THE FLOOR WITH A BACK BODY DROP + CANNONBALL SENTON COMBO!!
Now all The Elite are inside and isolate Rey Mysterio. The Elite triple team him, with Matt and Nick holding Rey in place for A V-TRIGGER!! FOLLOWED BY A GERMAN SUPLEX!! KENNY HITS THE YOU CAN’T ESCAPE!! MATT FOLLOWS WITH A TOP ROPE ELBOW AND NICK WITH A SWANTON!!! 1………2……KICK OUT!!!! They pick him up and The Bucks try to double team. MYSTERIO MOVES AND MATT SPEARS NICK!! ENZIGURI FROM MYSTERIO TO OMEGA!! HE TAGS IN PENTAGON!! Pentagon comes in and chops everyone, and then hits a Double Japanese Arm Drag on Matt and Nick! SUPERKICK TO KENNY FOLLOWED BY A LUNGBLOWER!! Kenny rolls out, but then FÉNIX SPRINGBOARDS TO THE OUTSIDE WITH A TORNILLO TO OMEGA!! REY FOLLOWS WITH A SUICIDE DIVE!! PENTAGON THEN HITS A LANZA TO MATT BACK IN THE RING AND COVERS! 1………2…….KICK OUT!!!
The Lucha Brothers and Rey Mysterio defeat The Elite (20:20)
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Artoria Pendragon (Ruler) Valentines Scene

Fellow devotees of the church of Artoria, today providence has smiled upon us once more.
Listen to this as you enjoy your date with Bunnytoria!!!
Transcript below:

Artoria Pendragon (Ruler) Valentine's Scene

You awaken to the sound of high heels clattering on the casino floor.
"Well this certainly is unexpected!"
"To think that my master, of all people, actually stepped into this simulated casino of mine."
"Though it is a temporary one different from the one in Las Vegas, it is still my establishment."
[Should I have just sauntered in like that?]/[But I have yet to obtain the right to enter this casino]
“That is fine, the Swimsuit Swordmaster Seven Coloured Showdown has concluded, things like the right to enter is no longer relevant.”
“No, in fact, as my Master, you are definitely a VIP. Please make yourself at home.”
“Or rather, would you fancy a round of cards with me?”
[I would like to take up on your offer but...]/[Maybe some other time...]
"Very well, maybe some other time."
"Speaking of which, I should change to a more appropriate attire."
"If you would excuse me."
Artoria becomes even more perfect as she changes into her sundress
"This attire of mine should now be more fitting for the occasion."
"Master, since you came all the way here, would you fancy a tour of the casino?"
"First, please enjoy the cold beverage."
"... Oh not to worry, I have prepared non-alcoholic drinks"
You finish the drink and exit the casino with Artoria by your side.
The two of you arrive before a fountain under the dazzling sun.
Artoria chuckles as she carries on the conversation
"As a proper heroic spirit, there is no real need to shield myself from the sunlight."
"That being said, the umbrella is the perfect accessory to acccompany this dress."
"Umbrellas. Parasols. Though they did not yet exist in my time, I have somehow become acquainted with them."
"Free from the weight of the armour upon my body, free from the weight of the sword by my hip."
"The gentle feeling of grasping this parasol is... how should I put it... not bad at all."
[Taking a stroll like this...]/[Surely this isn't your first time?]
"Hmmm... I'm not really sure about my other summoned selves"
"But as the king weilding the holy lance, it is probably my first time taking a stroll by your side like this."
"Even if this casino is but a simulacrum, and this sky is naught but a temporary one,"
"To leisurely spend the time like this is pretty delightful is it not?"
"If I may wish for just a bit more..."
"it would be to be accompanied by the hustle and bustle of people going about their daily lives"
"and the sounds of frolicking children in peacetime."
"I would surely look upon this memory even more fondly than ever."
[That is true]/[Let's strive to make this wish reality]
"I am glad to hear that -- Master"
"Well then, we shouldn't dwell on this topic for too long."
"Even I know that today is Valentine's Day."
Artoria addresses the topic at hand
"Master, thank you for taking time to accompany me."
"Needless to say, I have prepared something for you."
Artoria hands us our long awaited chocolate, praise be It is a two tiered cake in the style of a pool, elegantly adorned with poker cards and flowers at the base, and topped off with a bunny carrying a parasol
DW wedding cake when?
[That's really cute!]/[Thank you so much, Artoria]
"No master, this is the fruits of your labour"
"And so, I will return to my usual form, you can view it as a memento of me in this short fleeting moment"
"Even though my current outfit is off, I am basically a bunny"
"A bunny as in a rabbit, and a rabbit is but an adorable animal."
"Please think of it in this manner, if it pleases you."
[Of course I am]/[I will treasure it]
"Well then, it is time to say goodbye... is what I ought to be saying."
"But, since you have the opportunity, would you like to try out the VIP suite at the very top floor?"
"I, Ruler Artoria, pledge to make your stay a pleasant one."
Chocolate Cake Bunny White
Valentine's Chocolate from the Lion King: Ruler Artoria Pendragon.
A dazzling royal white chocolate cake. Adorned at the very top by an adorable white prancing bunny. The poker cards which adorn its base are actually made out of chocolate and are hence edible. Speaking of which, those are actual flowers so they can't be eaten.
Artoria will be jumping for joy if you point out how cute the bunny is. However, please bear with it and do not comment on how she's breaking character. Any slight mention of it will cause her to return to normal.
Acknowledgements: Thanks to ComunCoutinho for pointing out critical errors in the CE translation!
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Following a week of gambling in Las Vegas, Marine Ron Parkhurst was found floating in remote cove of Lake Mead about 30 miles from The Strip with a bullet in the back of his head. The Clark County coroner concluded he had been in the water for about three days. His case is still unsolved.

Summary: In June of 1997, Marine Recruiter Ron Parkhurst walked out of his Huntington Beach, CA office and never came back. He packed up his black Ford Mustang, drove to Las Vegas where he spent a week gambling. He checked into a Motel 6 and over the course of a week he made small ATM withdrawls ranging from $60 to $200. He was seen several times between June 15 and 18 at the MGM Grand. By the end of the week his bank account had only $53.00.
At 4 AM June 18, Parkurst's Mustang was found abandoned on an access road near Lake Mead. His CD collection was gone, his wallet hound but with no license or ATM card. Three days later on June 2 around 10 am a women discovered Parkhurst's body floating in the water. He had been shot by a 45 caliber in the back of the skull.
Some other oddities about this case: Parkhurst was married to a woman named Rebecca whom his family never met. When asked, Ron claimed she was the maid. She claimed his veterans benefits after death, and even listed a son born 1993, although its unclear if Parkhurst is the father. He also allegedly purchased a life insurance policy in the months before his death. At the time of his death, he lived alone in an apartment in Irvine, California.
The case has remained unsolved for the past 22 years. A year ago Parkhurst's sister Diane Garrett has been in touch with LVPD's cold case unit and hopes for some leads.
What are your theories on Ron's death? Gambling debt gone wrong?
Ron Parkhurst: https://www.ocregister.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/OCR-L-COLDCASEMURDER-05.jpg?w=740
Source: OCRegister.com article. Pay walled so text below:
Cold case: Sister wants answers in 1997 murder of OC-based Marine by Keith Sharon
His nephews called him the strongest man in the world.
He had a “bright and shiny” bald head, his master sergeant said with a laugh. “You could see him from a mile away. He was quiet, well-mannered. He always stood up straight whether he was in military attire or civilian clothes.”
Ron Parkhurst was a Marine. “A really good Marine,” said Master Sgt. Rene Robles.
Parkhurst was so gung-ho he was made a recruiter, working out of the USMC substation in Huntington Beach. There is no explanation for why in 1997 he walked out of that office, after 13 exemplary years in the military, and never came back. He had a meeting scheduled with the family of a recruit, but he didn’t show.
One late spring afternoon, he ditched his responsibilities, hopped into his black, immaculate Ford Mustang, accompanied only by a vast collection of music on compact discs, and headed to Las Vegas. Inexplicably, he spent a week hitting the casinos. He was wearing cutoff jeans and a red and white T-shirt when he walked out of the MGM Grand on June 18, 1997, the last day of his life.
On June 21, 1997, Ron Parkhurst was found floating in the remote Saddle Island Cove in the waters of Lake Mead about 30 miles from The Strip. The Clark County coroner concluded he had been in the water for about three days.
He had a .45-caliber bullet in the back of his head.
The U.S. Naval Criminal Investigative Service and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police concluded the death was a homicide. The LVMPD report classified the case as “murder WDW” (with a deadly weapon). But “due to the lack of logical investigative leads, this investigation is closed,” the NCIS said in its report from June 1997. The case will be reopened if either the Las Vegas police ask for assistance, or a suspect is identified.
In 22 years, no suspect has been identified, and the Las Vegas police have not asked for help. Although. there is a potential thread to the investigation that has not yet been fully pursued.
“I’ve always felt he was killed execution-style,” said Diane Garrett, Ron’s sister, and mother of the nephews who were impressed with their uncle. “His death was devastating. The family has never been the same afterward.”
Garrett has been in touch recently with the Las Vegas police, where a cold case detective is taking another look at the 22-year-old unsolved murder. Cold case investigator Terri Miller has spoken with Garrett, but did not return a call from the Southern California News Group.
“I was drop-jawed when I heard what happened,” Master Sgt. Robles said. “All of us Marines felt like one of our Marines was down.”
A Marine is still down.
Kept a distance
Parkhurst could run. He was on the cross country team at Manual High School in Peoria, Illinois.
“He was always this kid with an impish kind of personality,” said Garrett, his older sister. “If he got in trouble, he would smile. He never took things seriously. He was always joking.”
After high school, he needed some stability in his life so he picked the military, specifically the Marines. He worked as an aircraft mechanic.
He was stationed for a while in Tennessee where he met Rebecca Carolyn DeLoach, who had been twice divorced. On Valentine’s Day of 1992, Rebecca became his wife.
The strange thing about his marriage was that Parkhurst didn’t tell his family about it. Garrett said she called him once a week – on Sunday nights – and she would ask about Rebecca. Parkhurst never gave details.
“Who was the woman who answered the phone?” Garrett would ask. “He would say, ‘That was the maid.’”
Parkhurst and Rebecca moved to California, so they were far enough away to keep his family guessing. When she filled out military forms as his dependent after his death, Rebecca listed a child named Justin, born in 1993. Parkhurst’s family does not know if he was Justin’s father.
Robles said that by the time he met Parkhurst in 1995 or early 1996, he told everyone he was single. Rebecca was not invited by his family to his funeral.
Attempts to reach Rebecca for comment in this story were unsuccessful.
Piecing together details
In 1997, Parkhurst was living alone in an apartment on Thunder Road in Irvine.
Suddenly, in June, he dropped out of his life and went to Vegas. He checked into a Motel 6. He made several small ATM withdrawals, none more than $200, during the last week of his life, including a withdrawal of $60 on June 18, 1997. That final transaction left $53.85 in his checking account.
He was seen several times between June 15 and 18 at the MGM Grand.
At 4 a.m. on June 18, Parkhurst’s Mustang was found abandoned on an access road next to Lake Mead. His CD collection was gone. His wallet was found, but it had no driver’s license or ATM card inside. Garrett said she has been told by police that a witness saw another car speeding away from Parkhurst’s Mustang.
Three days later, on June 21, just before 10 a.m., a woman discovered Parkhurst’s body in the water. He had been shot in the occipital area of the skull. Police were able to get DNA samples from the car, but they proved to be inconclusive.
Police searched Parkhurst’s Irvine apartment five days after his body was discovered.
The report said Parkhurst may have purchased a life insurance policy in the months before his death. But there is no follow-up report about the investigation into that potential lead.
Robles, who was Parkhurst’s supervisor in Huntington Beach, flew to Las Vegas to identify his body. Parkhurst was buried in his dress blues, and Robles accompanied the casket to Parkhurst’s family home in Peoria, Illinois.
Everyone on the plane was asked to remain seated while Parkhurst’s casket was taken off the plane.
“Everyone was staring out the windows of the plane,” Robles said. “His parents were very hurt. They were in shock. Disbelief.”
Parkhurst was given an honor guard funeral with a flag-folding ceremony.
A $5,000 reward was established for information leading to an arrest. No one ever claimed the reward.
Leonard and Nancy Parkhurst, Ron’s parents, both died in the 22 years since his murder. Garrett said her parents wouldn’t talk about his death to her or at family gatherings.
“It was never spoken of,” she said.
A year ago, she was going through her parents’ belongings when she found the extensive Judge Advocate General report on her brother’s death.
She started contacting people mentioned in the report.
She has considered advertising on a billboard in Orange County.
“This is something I’ve had rolling around in my brain – a billboard,” Garrett said. “It would say, ‘Do you know what happened to this person?’”
She said the Las Vegas police are taking a new look at the case, and the cold case investigator has asked permission to begin interviewing people such as Rebecca Parkhurst and a “person of interest.”
So far, Garrett doesn’t know if the new investigation has been launched.
“Somebody has to know something,” Garrett said. “I want to know what happened.”
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Profile for Artoria Pendragon (Ruler)


水著獅子王。 その名には三つの意味がある。 第一に、絢爛ラスベガスを支配するカジノ群の頂點であるカジノ・キャメロットの支配人。 第二に、水著剣豪七色勝負こと水著剣豪御前試合の、御前試合たる所以―――すなわち一夏の思い出として己が水著と己が剣を競い合う水著剣豪たちを見守る主催者。 第三に、夏の裝いに姿を変えたランサー・アルトリア。
いわゆる第六特異點における『獅子王』とは完全な別人 なので、注意されたい。
Swimsuit Lion King. The meaning behind this name is threefold.Firstly, the one who reigns over Casino Camelot, the apex among the Casinos dominating dazzling Las Vegas.Secondly, the patron of the battle royale match of the Swimsuit Swordmasters — the Swimsuit Swordmasters Seven-coloured Showdown; who watches over the swimsuit swordmasters competing with swimsuits and blades for a single summer’s memory.Thirdly, Lancer Artoria who changed into Summer Attire.
As the saying goes, this is an entirely different individual from the ‘Lion King’ from the Sixth Singularity.Thus, please pay attention.

Bond 1

身長/體重:171cm・57kg? 出典:アーサー王伝説 地域:イギリス 屬性:秩序・夏性別:女性 持ち前の勝負勘、洞察力、精神力により、ベガス最強のディーラーとしても君臨している。 彼女の前ではどんなイカサマも見破られ、どんな幸運持ちも膝を屈するのみだ。
Height/Weight: 171 cm 57kg?Origins: Arthurian LegendRegion: EnglandAlignment: Lawful SummerSex: Female
With her innate gambling sense, perception and mental strength, she reigns as Vegas’ strongest dealer.Before her, any tricks are laid bare, and even the luckiest are brought to their knees.

Bond 2

基本的にはランサー時と同一人物。 ただし、オフなので多少は羽を伸ばしても構うまいと無意識下で考えているため、水著剣豪七色勝負に関係ない部分では多少言動がゆるい。
なお、ランサーでなくなったため愛馬ドゥン・スタリオンの姿は傍らにない。 かの白馬は消滅した訳ではなく、カルデアの厩舎エリアで休んでいる姿が目撃されている。現界用の魔力はどうなっているのだろうか?不明である。
Basically the same person from when she was a Lancer. However, probably due to her subconscious thought that it’s okay to relax since she’s off-duty, her actions and words regarding topics aside from the Swimsuit Swordmasters Seven-coloured Showdown are a bit more laid back.
Also, the figure of her beloved steed Dun Stallion is no longer at her side, now that she is not a Lancer. That white horse has not vanished, and could be seen resting in Chaldea’s stable area. Where does it get the Prana to manifest itself? It remains a mystery.

Bond 3

○ロイヤルバニー:A 王の頭上に輝くモノを見よ、あれは何だ!獣が如き耳!ならばかつてブリテンに姿を現せし咆え唸る獣の怨み、呪詛の類がアーサー王を襲ったとでも言うのか。恐るべきは唸る獣、おお、千數百年を経て王へと牙を突き立てようとは……。 ―――いいえ違います。我らが王は、バニーガールなるものにご興味を抱かれたのです。 ほう。ではあのお姿はもしや。 ―――はい。仮裝にて。 左様か。
○ロイヤルカード:C+ 王がお投げになっておられるのは短刀の類、ではないな。あれは札か? ―――はい。カジノディーラーたるものカードの扱いには長けておかねばならぬ、と王は仰せです。 時に、カジノというものは遊戯場であると聞く。 ―――そうですね。 あの投擲ぶりは敵の撃滅を目的としたものに見えるが。 ―――酔客の撃退などであのようになさるおつもりなのでは。 左様か……。
Royal Bunny: A There’s something shiny atop the King’s head, what is that! Ears reminiscent of an animal! So it must be a curse or the lingering resentment of a snarling beast hailing from Britain ages ago, which afflicts King Arthur. What terrifying, snarling beast it must be, oh my, for it to bare its fangs at the King even after Millenia has passed …
— — — No that’s not true. Our King has simply taken an interest in that which is known as Bunny Girls.
Huuh. Then don’t tell me that look is.
— — — Yes. A costume.
As I thought.
Royal Card: C+ That which the King has taking to throwing, does not appear to be the likes of daggers. Is that a card?
— — — Yes. As a Casino Dealer, one must perfect one’s handling of cards, as the King decreed.
At times, I have heard that Casinos are places of merriment.
— — — That is right.
Though it appears that the method of throwing has the enemy’s annihilation as an objective.
— — — May I humbly suggest that it is intended for the expulsion of intoxicated guests.
As I thought …

Bond 4

○獅子の騎士:B かつて、ユーウェイン卿は獅子と共に戦ったという。 ならば主君たる我らの王が光の獅子を操ることに何の不思議があろう。 或いは霊基変換の折、本來であればユーウェイン卿が所有するはずのスキルを、王はあえて自らの能力として選択したのやもしれん。 ―――そういうこともあるかもしれませんね。 うむ。

  • Knight of Lion: B
In the past, it is said that Sir Ywain fought alongside lions.Thus, is there any need for surprise that, as his Liege, our King controls lions of light. Or perhaps, on the brink of changing Saint Graphs, the King selected as her own the skill that was meant to belong to Sir Ywain.
— — — That could also be the case.

Bond 5

『燦々とあれ、我が輝きの広間』 ランク:A+種別:対軍寶具 レンジ:1~99最大捕捉:300人
ブライト・エハングウェン。 水上を徵く高機動型大広間エハングウェンを一時的に実體化させ、特大の魔力光を敵陣全體へと撃ち放つ、アルトリア・ルーラーこと水著獅子王最大の攻撃。 過去のエハングウェンにこのような航行能力や砲撃能力が存在していたのかどうかは不明であるが、彼女の口振りからするに「やったことはないが」「できないことはない」ぐらいのものである模様。 一方、砲撃に関しては「実は仕込んだロンゴミニアドでやっているのではないか」「実はランサーの時と同じ寶具なのではないか」という疑惑もある。これについて、彼女は黙して一切を語らない。
Shine Brilliantly, Radiant Hall of Mine
Rank: A+
Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
Range: 1 ~ 99
Maximum Targets: 300
Temporarily materialising the High-Mobility Hall Ehangwen that reigns the seas, striking all enemies with an extra-large Prana beam, the greatest attack by Swimsuit Lion King — Artoria Ruler. While it is unknown whether the previous Ehangwen possessed cruising or bombardment capabilities of any sort, in her own words ‘while it hasn’t been done’ ’there’s nothing it can’t do’ or something of that sort.
On the other hand, regarding bombardment, one might wonder ‘isn’t it actually the Rhongoyniad that’s installed doing that’ or ‘Isn’t it actually the same Noble Phantasm from when you were a Lancer’. Regarding that, she remains silent and says nothing.

Bond 5 (After clearing Summer 2019)

水着獅子王、アルトリア・ルーラーは 本気でバカンスを愉しむつもりでいる。 これは珍しいことである。 基本的に彼女は常在戦場、オフのない、ひたすらに 真面目に戦い続ける英霊だからだ。 だが、それが…… 謎のお兄さんことマーリンの悪戯じみた仕掛けにより、 全力でバカンスに挑む水着獅子王となってしまった。
マスターは心せねばならない。 彼女は本気である。 普段の生真面目さそのままに、全力でバカンスを愉しもうとする彼女は、一切の手を抜かないだろう。 さあ――― 全身全霊で! 遊べ!
The Swimsuit Lion King, Artoria Ruler seriously intends to enjoy her vacation.
This is a rare occurrence indeed.
Generally, as someone constantly on the battlefield, she is a singleminded Heroic Spirit who repeatedly enters the fray, fighting earnestly with no breaks in between.
However, that has been…
With a Mysterious Onii-san Merlin pulling a practical joke of sorts, she has taken up the challenge of a vacation wholeheartedly as the Swimsuit Lion King.
The Master would do well to pay attention.
She is serious about this.
As with her usually strait-laced self, while she is enjoying her vacation with all her might, there would be absolutely no corners cut.
Now —
Pouring in your entire body and soul! Have Fun!

Bond CE

キラキラと煌めく黃金のルーレット。 世界にひとつしかないその遊戯盤は、カジノ・キャメロットの象徴とも言える。
この盤に惹かれる者は多い。 初めてカジノ・キャメロットを訪れた客は、ほぼ必ずこの盤でルーレットを遊ぶのだという。
この盤が――― かつてキャメロットに在りし円卓を模していることに、 果たして気付く者はいるだろうか。 無論、アロハ騎士たちは知っている。 主たる水著獅子王もまた知っている。
とある異世界の聖剣使いは、 この盤を目にして、十秒ほど動きを止めていたという。
A shining, golden Roulette.
The only game wheel of its kind in the world, it could even be said to symbolise Casino Camelot.
Many are drawn to this wheel. It was said that nearly all first-time visitors to Casino Camelot would try their hand at this wheel.
This wheel is — That it was modelled upon the round table that used to be in Camelot, unsurprisingly, was picked up by some. Of course, the Aloha knights knew of it. And Swimsuit Lion King as their Liege knew of it as well.
A certain wielder of a Holy Sword from a different world was, upon setting eyes on it, rendered motionless for nearly 10 seconds.
TL Note: Thanks to u/Konchew for his input on a significant portion of the Profile.
Edit: adjusted name of her Noble Phantasm Edit #2: Added event clear unlock, and bond CE text
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Events for Fri 11/8 - Sun 11/10

Friendly reminder that this weekend includes some very large events (EDC Orlando, Veteran's Day parade) that will increase and worsen traffic and parking and may also involve road closures, so please be careful out there. Carpool with friends and family, take an Uber or Lyft, Sunrail or Lynx bus.
All weekend (Fri 11/8 - Sun 11/10):
43rd Maitland Rotary Art Festival; Lake Lilly Park, 701 Lake Lily Drive, Maitland, Florida 32751; The Maitland Rotary Art Festival has been entertaining Central Florida residents and visitors since 1976. Although hosted annually by the Rotary Club of Maitland, Florida, the event has evolved into a community celebration of the arts. The many public and private partnerships make it possible for Maitland Rotarians to showcase our community. The Maitland Rotary Art Festival Inc. is a not-for-profit501(c)3 organization that raises funds for the charitable activities of the Rotary Club of Maitland.
Annunciation Fall Festival; Annunciation Catholic Church, 1020 Montgomery Rd, Altamonte Springs, Florida 32714; Live entertainment, rides and games, festival food favorites, crafts, live and silent auction and raffle! Free admission and free park and ride.
Free Admission for Veterans/First Responders, Nov. 9-10; Orange County Regional History Center, 65 E Central Blvd, Orlando, Florida 32801; The Orange County Regional History Center invites veterans, active-duty military personnel, and first responders to visit the museum for free on the weekend of November 9-10, 2019, in honor of Veterans Day. The route of the 20th annual City of Orlando Veterans Day Parade travels just south of Heritage Square adjacent to the History Center on Saturday, November 9, 2019, 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. Honoring the courageous men and women of the armed forces who have fought for our nation’s freedoms, the parade will feature marching bands, ROTC units, active duty military, decorative floats, and veterans groups from all military branches representing a wide variety of conflicts. Learn more here: http://www.cityoforlando.net/veteransparade/
Fri 11/8
4p - 6:30p: Longwood Chili Cook Off; City of Longwood City Hall, 175 W Warren Ave, Longwood, Florida 32750; In conjunction with the monthly Longwood Car Show. The "Chili Cook Off " is a fundraiser that supports Parks & Recreation programming here in the City of Longwood and is hosted by volunteer Parks & Recreation Advisory Board Members. Chili Cookers Wanted!! All compete for cash $$$$ prize and trophies. Chili Cookers WANTED !!! Contact 407-260-3497 or email [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]). Compete for CASH prizes. *Entry fee individuals is $25* **Entry fee for businesses is $75**
5p - 11p: College Park JazzFest 2019; College Park Main Street, 648 Dartmouth Street, 32804; College Park Main Street will host the 18th annual College Park JazzFest on Saturday November 9, 2019 from 5-11pm. The community’s flagship street festival along Edgewater Drive will feature 12 bands on three stages performing jazz, rock, R&B and more. College Park JazzFest will feature a vibrant street party atmosphere with diverse food trucks, vendors, and the local shops and restaurants open onto Edgewater Drive between Smith Street and Clayton Street.
Bands featured at College Park JazzFest 2019 include:
• Jackie Jones
• Ramona the Band
• The 8th Note Collective
• Dave Capp Project
• John Korbel
• Gerry Williams Band
• Brown Bag Brass Band
• Sideshow Revival
• Legendary JCs
• Lauren Lester
• The Lawbreakers
• Tarpon Springs Jazz Ensemble (a Dr. Phillips Center Essentially Ellington High School Jazz Band)
5p - 12a: 70's Cosplay Party in VAULT 5421; Gods & Monsters, 5421 International Dr, Orlando, Florida 32819; Join us Saturday, November 9th, for 70's Homage Night in Vault 5421! FREE EVENT! To celebrate the new movie release of Charlie's Angels, we're hopping in the time machine and playing the classic 70's series and other 70's movies and shows on our big screens throughout the bar, with far out tunes playing, themed cocktails & Cosplay Cage-Dancing! Come in your best 70's cosplay or attire to receive 1 FREE SHOT or soda! (Just mention your attire, at the bar, for your FREE shot or soda.) Come early to enjoy our Happy Hours 5-8pm, featuring 20% OFF ALL DRINKS, including the special themed drink and shot created for the event! (Please note our store Gods & Monsters is All-Ages friendly, but our bar VAULT 5421 is 18+ to enter and 21+ with valid ID to purchase alcoholic beverages.)
6p - 8p: Fall Festival; UCUMC - University Carillon UMC, 1395 Campus View Ct, Oviedo, Florida 32765; All-things-fall coming together in one place: Fall Festival! While fall weather isn’t guaranteed, the fun is! We’ll be outside under the lights on University Carillon’s field with food, fall desserts, apple cider, festival games and live music! There’s fun ready for everyone—pumpkin games for the kids, football skills challenge for anyone brave enough, crafts for all ages, petting farm and more. Best of all, it’s FREE! Bring some friends and family and enjoy everything fall!
6p - 9p: Casselberry Food Truck Night; Lake Concord, 127 Quail Pond Circle, Casselberry, Florida 32707; Casselberry locals park at the Target Casselberry, are escorted across 17-92 by police officers, walk to the lovely lush Lake Concord Park covered with oaks behind City Hall, buy dinner from the food trucks, then listen to live music and shop local art. To see which trucks are coming Go to letsgetbazaar.com and click on Truck Schedule. Free admission. Free parking.
6p - 9:30p: Movie Night at Adventure Lake: Spider-Man Far From Home; Nona Adventure Park, 14086 Centerline Drive, Orlando, Florida 32827; Sponsored by F45 Training Nona, this is a FREE event to the community from 6-9:30 p.m. • The movie will begin at 6:30 p.m. • A popcorn + soda combo will be available for $4 (FREE to Nona Adventure Park Members)! • Splashes Bistro will be open until 9:30 p.m. for dinner, snacks, drinks, wine, beer, sodas, lemonades, and water. • Featured Film: SPIDER-MAN FAR FROM HOME • Feel free to bring pillows, blankets, etc. - this will be held under the pavilion near Splashes & the Pro Shop.
6p - 12a: 2019 Give Hope & Hold ‘Em Poker Tournament and Casino Night; Orlando Science Center, 777 E Princeton St, Orlando, Florida 32803; Come join us for a fun and classy event designed to bring Las Vegas to Orlando! Enjoy professionally-managed Texas Hold 'Em Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Fine Catering, and Raffle Giveaways! A night out like no other in Orlando - All for a great cause! Whether you play poker or not, this is an evening for all! Tickets and more information can be found on our website https://givehopefoundation.org/Orlando-Charity-Poker-Tournament.php
Sat 11/9
9a - 4p: Great Day in the Country 2019; Oviedo on the Park, 321 E Mitchell Hammock Rd, Oviedo, Florida 32765; The 46th Annual Great Day in the Country Arts & Crafts Festival is produced by the GFWC Oviedo Woman's Club. The Festival is FREE to attendees. See greatdayoviedo.org This year over 350 arts and crafts vendors will be displaying and selling items that are perfect for gifts or your own home. Vist our food and beecraft beer vendors in either of two Food Courts (east and west). Enjoy music and local acts which will range from jazz to rock and roll. The Oviedo Woman's Club's famous Bean Soup will be exclusively available only at the festival. Great Day in the Country 2019 will mark the 25th year of the Student Art Fest, with work from art students in our local schools. The art will be on display and awards in excess of $2K will be presented to students during the Opening Ceremonies. Great Day in the Country is the GFWC Oviedo Woman's Club's major fundraiser. Over the past nine years, the club has awarded over $600,000 for scholarships, school grants, and charitable organizations. Last year, over 30,000 people attended the event. Free parking is available nearby and shuttles buses will take people to and from those lots.
12p - 4p: Bunny Cafe at The Nook; The Nook on Robinson, 2432 E. Robinson St, Orlando, Florida 32803; Come meet and pet our adorable furry friends while learning what it takes to give them loving and healthy indoor homes. Volunteers will be on hand to answer all your questions about feeding, housing, and connecting with these wonderful animals. ADMISSION IS FREE. The rabbits will be housed inside the bar for their safety and comfort while patron seating will be outside with tables and tents. There will be food available for purchase with La Empanada Food Truck and The Veggie Cart, and alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks from The Nook and Framework Coffee. Learning activities will happen outside along with a prize raffle benefiting ORCA as well. Guest time with rabbits will be in 15-minute increments from 12 – 4PM with a maximum of 15 guests per time slot. Sign up will be first come first serve outside the bar. Patrons should check in at least 5 minutes before their assigned time slot, so they don't miss their turn. ORCA’s goals with this event are to educate the public and to ensure we can continue our mission to rescue and re-home abandoned or distressed rabbits and provide them quality medical care by raising donations.
FOOD: La Empanada Food Truck, The Veggie Cart; DRINK: The Nook on Robinson, Framework Craft Coffee Bar; ART: https://www.instagram.com/sarahroz/
1:30p - 4p: Outdoor Family Concert sponsored by Dr. Phillips Charities; Seneff Arts Plaza - Downtown Orlando, 445 S Magnolia Ave., Orlando, Florida 32801; Join the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra for this annual free Outdoor Family Concert in memory of Della Phillips sponsored by Dr. Phillips Charities. Enjoy Dr. Seuss family classics The Sneetches and Green Eggs & Ham with beautiful music performed by the orchestra with live narration on Saturday, November 9 at 3 p.m. at Seneff Arts Plaza at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts. Also at the concert will be food trucks and family-friendly activities with an instrument petting zoo beginning at 1:30 p.m. Event sponsored by Dr. Phillips Charities. This Saturday at 1:30 p.m. prior to the concert, don't miss family-friendly activities and delicious food from the following food trucks: Up In Smoke BBQ, Orlando Fat One's Hot Dogs & Italian Ice, SMAC Food Truck, Sugar Rush Marshmallows, Tacos Mazatlan, Rubios Baja Grill (\*to clarify, food starts at 1:30p and concert starts at 3p**)*
4p - 8p: Lake Nona Town Harvest; Crescent Park in Laureate Park, 8374 Upper Perse Cir, Orlando, Florida 32827; Bring out the whole family to enjoy a festive evening of entertainment featuring top 40 cover band Stereo FM, scarecrow stilt walkers, acrobatic surprises, and more! Oversized tractors, hay bales, and pumpkins create the perfect cozy photo op. Enjoy delicious treats from food trucks Bloque 45, It's All Greek to Me, Guacamole Co., Absofruitly US, Avofuel, a beer garden, and a large Kid's Zone sponsored by Laureate Insurance Partners for toddlers to teens! We look forward to you joining us for the first Lake Nona Town Harvest!
5p - 12a: Warriors Of Light: A Final Fantasy Tribute; The Abbey, 100 S Eola Drive, Suite 100, Orlando, Florida 32801; On November 9th, 2019 in Orlando, Florida, Ongaku Overdrive is honored to bring you Warriors of Light, a Final Fantasy tribute with music, games, art, vendors, and cosplay. Details: http://ongakuoverdrive.com/warriors-of-light/
▪︎Musical acts performing their renditions of Final Fantasy and other Square music 🎵 ▪︎Multiple video game setups 🎮 ▪︎Video game tournaments with cash prizes 🕹 ▪︎Artists, vendors, and exclusive event merch ▪︎A cosplay-friendly atmosphere ▪︎Final Fantasy-themed cocktails🍹 ▪︎And more!
🎵MUSICAL LINEUP🎵: Descendants of Erdrick, Mega Ran, The Returners - VGM, Knight of the Round
Plus, a Final Fantasy edition of No Borders Art Competition!
We have more to announce with music, games, and events. Tickets go on sale at https://warriorsoflight.brownpapertickets.com
Follow us: http://www.ongakuoverdrive.com, https://www.twitch.tv/ongakuoverdrive, https://discord.gg/azD79zp
Sun 11/10
3p - 4:30p: Let Freedom Ring!; Cathedral Church of St. Luke,130 North Magnolia, Orlando, FL 32801; The Orlando Concert Band, with organ, salute the Armed Forces with Veterans Day favorites like Battle Hymn of the Republic, America the Beautiful, God Bless America, and rousing marches by John Philip Sousa.
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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure OC Tournament #4: R3M10 - Connor Pruckette vs. Nora Kleid

The results are in for Match 8. The winner is…
Autumn Miranda Jasper, with a score of 72 to Garland’s 63!
Category Winner Point Totals Comments
Popularity Autumn Jasper 22-18 Despite Autumn’s early lead, Garland rode the tide of the classic “PHD Curse” to catch up, ending the vote 5-4!
Quality Autumn Jasper 26-21 Reasoning
JoJolity Tie 24-24 Reasoning
With that, we must now sadly bid goodbye to Team Earth, Tower of Terra, the third team to be eliminated from Tournament 4. They slipped under the radar in Round 1, and didn’t win a single match Round 2, but their high-profile ties that round proved they were a force to be reckoned with, as did their very close losses this round.
Let’s take a moment to remember…
8th/7th Place: Darwin Glerman and Bhangra Mendhi - This duo got caught in a game of Tetris played by Oscar K Computer, and they just couldn’t clear their rows.
6th Place: Jianbin Zhuge - For all his talk about his ancestral heritage, he lost to an upstart Baroness in a ski chase worthy of a spy thriller!
5th Place: Professor Bernal - The horse-whisperer ended up losing her match betting on the Kentucky derby by default when she attacked her opponent.
4th/3rd Place: Colorado Blue and Mars - Mars spent her first round winning a jungle relay race, while Colorado was defeated by Mylo Xyloto in a battle on the rooftops of Detroit, but through a twist of circumstance was still given the opportunity to move on to the next round, where he and Mars lost a game of Brazilian football to a Prince and a “Hero.”
2nd Place: Robbert Chitter - One of the only ACT Stand-users in the tournament, in the first round he advanced to Round and ACT 2 by winning a relay race in the jungle with Mars, and just scraped by into Round 3 after a double-tie in Guatemala. Sadly, this round he fell to the forces of 「m.A.A.d city」 in Los Angeles.
1st Place: Garland - It was only fitting that one of the strangest builds in this tournament had one of the strangest, and most impressive, runs to get to this point. First he faced off against the All-American cryptic Spider-Vic in a daring art heist, and followed it up with a stalemate against the equally confident and capable Killian Keyes in the site of Electric Grapevine’s second defeat. And how else could someone like Garland go out but by being turned into a salmon and coming in second place in a race up a waterfall?
Tower of Terra may be out of the game, but their presence can still be felt… For example, one of their former opponents is currently fighting for his life against a “superhero?” in an under-construction train tunnel.
Scenario - Las Vegas, Nevada:
The rack was lifted up from the balls, and the cue immediately clacked against them hard, two of them sinking on the break. Connor stood up, examining the table state and running quick calculations. “Good job setting them out, Kris!” He cheered, clapping the younger man on the back as 「Megalovania」 bickered and cheered behind him, inaudible to the others at the small dive bar.
The other man, clad in a pool-patterned polo Connor had acquired for him, almost certainly with Ric’s eponymous credit card. “You want to switch cues?” He asked, three different ones that Connor had carefully coached him in the differences between. Connor nodded, taking one made of a slightly different maple wood than the first.
He lined up his shot, easily sinking two more balls, and grinning. “I’ve been thinking about the game.” He said, standing up and straightening his back.
“...Nine-ball?” Kris asked.
“Well, I’m always thinking about nine-ball, but I’m talking about the tournament.” Connor responded. “I had some things I wanted to talk with you about it.” He smiled genially at Kris. “How did you like your match?” He asked.
Kris pursed his lips, thinking. “I think I’d prefer to have won, sure.” He said. “But I got to show off my abilities, and I must’ve made some sort of impression!” He fished out his phone, showing off the screen. “I’ve been hanging around third place in the popularity polls, for whatever reason.” He gave Connor a hearty thumbs up, 「Under Pressure」holding the cues.
Connor returned it, setting up his next shot. “I’ve been having some fun myself. The match against that nice girl was some of the most fun I’ve had in years, and pairing up with Noriko was certainly a unique experience!” He easily sunk two more balls.
Kris nodded. “Yeah, she’s seemed a little friendlier lately… though it’s still hard to get a read on her,” he said, not seeming too bothered about it.
Connor examined the table. I’ve been looking into some things, but I think with all of the excitement I’ve been dealing with, I could go with something… a little more easygoing.” He moved around the table, looking at the last three balls on the table. “Things have been really intense lately, I suppose. I’ve had enough excitement for a while.”
Kris perked up, and snapped his fingers. “Oh! Connor, that just reminded me of something I was thinking about!” He tapped his phone, reading off something from the UU app. “I think this is a match all about bingo. You know, a bunch of elderly with blotters, only danger there might be is you having to fend off fans! I’m sure you’ll fit right in.”
Connor set up his shot. “Hmm. ‘Bingo’, you say? I’ve never played it before… I’ve heard some of the people who play it can be dangerous if you get in their way.” He shifted over a few millimeters, cue perfectly poised on the ball. “In either case, Kris, something like bingo sounds….” With an audible ping, his eye glowed bright blue as he took his shot. “Perfect.”
The sound of knitting needles clacking together echoed in the front hall of the 「Bohemian Archive」. A small fire roared in the fireplace. Nora had put the only two members of Oceans 11 remaining in the Archive to bed. She didn’t expect them to be getting much sleep at all, with how much energy Jack had to go through all of the information Hadrian and Demis had stolen.
Not that she could blame the two, she had only glanced at it, and there was just so much to dig through. Mountains of information, all of which could be put together, making a web of culpability to point to… something. She hadn’t had that long to look at it, after all!
“I’m really very proud of the boys,” she mused. “Jack’s really come into his own, I think. He’s really relaxed around me and Hadrian, and he’s been doing some just lovely work with helping us out. Buggy’s been doing well too, recovering at least.”
“Hadrian’s really made me proud. He just seemed so… hopeless, when I first met him. I don’t like that Niyaz fellow one bit, but something that happened in Argentina has changed him, and for the better! He’s such a lovely man at times, I’d hate for him to die before such an old fart as myself when I can help it!” She let her head back, still knitting up a storm, cackling.
Calming down, she continued. “As suspicious as the ARG is, I can’t help but feel fond of some parts of it. Hmm. I’ve been so busy with my investigations and all I haven’t actually had any time for myself, thinking about it!”
A moment passed. “Well, I am between investigations and all, I could take some time for myself. I could probably give my spot to Jack, but that wouldn’t be much fun at all, would it?” She barreled on. “I remember seeing a hint about a bingo match. It’s a little bit stereotypical, sure, but a bit of bingo sounds like it could be fun. Besides, I want to save some of my energy, it wouldn’t do to beat someone up, and I can hardly see how they can turn bingo dangerous… though with some of the participants of the blasted thing, I should never doubt.” She nodded to herself. “...Maybe Cal would be there too. I do hope so, Stand users attract other ones.”
“All things considered, I think I’ll be going out to do it, as long as it hasn’t been snapped up by someone else. It would do to get out of the Archive and have a little fun.” She finished.
Paracadute, knitting as well, with the care of someone new to it, continued. He sat across from her, in a black and white outfit that was at once extraordinarily high quality, high thread count, and comfortable to wear. Yet it felt as much a straightjacket as the one that Nora had trapped him in days ago. “That’s… wonderful to hear Mrs. Kleid. Absolutely lovely to hear you getting out of the Archive.”
He hesitated, looking away and asking meekly, “May I please go out of the Archive too, Mrs. Kleid?”
Nora smiled at him, one cheery and genuine. She simply responded to him, “No.”
The Casino Chiaroscuro. A glorious, old casino built in the late 1940s to cater to men coming back from the war, to emulate the glories of old Europe. A gaudy place, built in the heart of Las Vegas, it was nonetheless relatively small by the city’s standards, tucked away, somewhere that catered to older, more refined clientele.
Connor sauntered up to the casino, in his normal outfit. He hadn’t seen fit to show up to a Match in anything different so far, and he wouldn’t change it now. He made his way in, poking around the area and making his way to the bar. He was used to glitzy places, it’s where he’d done quite a few matches in his heyday, and now it would be a match of a different sort.
He ordered a soda and sipped at it, checking his phone every so often, waiting for something to happen. He was one hundred percent sure about the location, of course, so he could only wait for an opponent to appear.
After waiting for a few minutes, he heard a clearing throat behind him, a kindly but assertive voice, making itself known. “Hello, is this seat taken?”
Connor turned around to it, recognizing the speaker immediately and grinning. “By all means, take it if you like!” He said, patting the stool and going back to his drink.
While she was always impeccably dressed, a trip to the casino was an occasion for Nora to bring out her best. Without impeding any of the thief’s range of motion, Nora’s dress was long, reaching the floor, and dark blue in color. Completely knitted, and with regular words on it. KLEID, KLEID, KLEID, with a small telescope after each word, in what would have looked chaotic and arrogant without the sheer bravado that Nora exuded. It opened over her chest, showing off a black cardigan underneath with an incredibly realistic pattern of Neptune on it. Her hair was worn in its normal way, a small hat in a jaunty angle, large, knitted feather drooping off of it.
Connor nodded approvingly at her getup. “My, I feel underdressed for such esteemed company!” He marveled. Nora laughed, shifting around in her bag a bit and pulling out a woolen mass and tossing it to Connor. “If you can’t handle life without some Kleidiscope goods, here you go!” He opened it up, revealing a lavender vest with a subtle, mesmerizing pattern and “FAIRY FELLERS” embroidered on the breast in large writing.
She slipped into the seat, ordering some water as Connor excitedly put his new vest on. She sideyed Connor’s drink. “Soda, huh? Maybe I should come back in a few years when you’ve ruined your body with that, hm?” She jabbed playfully.
Connor pulled his coat on and carefully took another sip. “Well, I’ve been having soda since I was a boy, and it’s done a worse job at killing me than being hooked on booze would have. And I suppose you’re here to face me?” He paused. “Dear, I suppose we’re so familiar with each other through the game that I forgot how to be polite! My name’s Connor Pruckette, 9-ball champion. Mind if I ask yours?” He extended his hand.
Nora took it, shaking it heartily. “Lenoir Kleid. Everyone calls me Nora. Came here because I felt bingo would be funny for such an old fart like me.”
Connor swirled his soda. “A teammate recommended it to me, and I just couldn’t turn down a challenge!”
Nora’s smile turned menacing, seeming to look through Connor. “And my teammate is currently still recovering from some bullet holes where your teammate had shot him.” She said, frostily.
Connor immediately waved his hands. “Jeez, I wanted some relative peace and quiet. Hey, if you should blame anyone, blame the other sniper there. Sofia has had some… bad experiences with those folk, I’m sure she wouldn’t have been as...driven as she was otherwise.”
Nora stared at him a few moments longer, the tension mounting, and suddenly dissipating. “Surely. Well, I’m not facing her, I suppose.” She laughed to herself. “If ‘Sofia’ cares at all, Buggy is recovering well.”
Connor graced her with a genuine smile. “I’m very glad to hear that!”
The duo continued to talk, first about their teams, and then about their family. Ten minutes passed, then twenty. Nora talked about how she had dealt with the death of her husband, and Connor about how he was worried for some of his wilder grandchildren. Thirty minutes. Forty. They talked about their professions. Secret, forbidden nine ball techniques. How big corporations were ruining fashion. By the time their phones rang, they had spent a full hour at the bar together, enjoying each others company.
Nora and Connor instantly scrambled as one to open their phones, identical grins wide on their faces. The eponymous mascot of Urban Uprising, Andromeda, was on screen wearing a suit. It wasn’t as bold as Nora’s attire, of course, but there was a certain chic air to it: typical black tie attire, but adorned with her favored iridescent trim and a faint eight-pointed star pattern tessellating along the lapels and sleeves.
Before Andromeda could so much as open her mouth, Connor interrupted. “Howdy, Andromeda!” He said, tipping his hat a bit. “It’s been a while since I saw you last, how have you been?”
Andromeda paused, seeming caught off guard, after recovering gracing Connor with a smile. “Oh, I’ve been stellar!” She beamed. “I may have been off the air, but I’ve been doing some... restructuring of the way things are done a little. It’s been a busy time for the people who are helping make this work, but it’s all worth it to make things more fun for everyone.” She cleared her throat, whispering conspiratorially. “You’re actually the first contestant to ask me that, I think.”
Nora spoke up herself. “Oh, speaking of which, Andromeda, is Cal sill working for you?” Andromeda nodded slowly, waiting for Nora to continue. Nora thought a bit about her words. “...I suppose he’s still not ready to talk.” She said with a measure of sadness. “Well! Is he doing well, at the least?”
“Calendar’s been doing very well in the Admin work, yes!” Andromeda smiled softly. “And… he still apparently hasn’t called.” She clicked her tongue in disappointment. “I’m really sorry about that, I’ll try talking to him again. I can’t make him do anything, but you deserve better than this.” Her guard seemed lowered for a bit before she transitioned back into her hostess persona. “Let’s get into the Match!”
Connor and Nora listened patiently as Andromeda explained the rules, Connor speaking up once she finished. “Well… I can say I’ve had a lot of fun meeting you, Miss Kleid.” He and Nora stood up as one, carefully making their way over to the center of the casino. Eyes locked, stalking like predators.
“Dearie me.” Nora said. “I can’t help but feel the same.” Her voice carried an undercurrent of danger, as if she could kill someone with a glance, with her Bingo Intent. “I’ve just had a lovely time, and I’d absolutely adore spending a little while more with you.”
Connor’s grin simply grew, echoing a cockiness of years long past as Aggravated Intent To Bingo filled his own frame, invigorating him. “Indeed… I came here for a challenge, you know. Something to cool down from all the excitement. Tell you what.” They got to the center of the casino, facing each other. “‘Loser’ 🥈 buys the ‘winner’ 🥇some ‘drinks’ 🍻 and ‘beverages’ 🥤 to cool off?”
Nora slid a hand up her leg, leaving it at her hip, the other on her neck. She snapped into a pose, eyes and body burning with energy, as 「Doll Judgement」 appeared in a flash, its arms interlaced with hers in a dynamic, impossible seeming pose. “If you wanted a ‘challenge’... then dearie, I think you’ve found what you wanted. I just wonder, is it more than you can handle, dear?”
Connor crouched down, an arm sweeping in front of him, and around, the balls of 「Megalovania」 coming out from behind it He locked into a pose, Stand spread out around him and crouched down further than seemed natural. In an instant, he looked up at his opponent, eye flashing. “I guess we’ll find out…. Well Nora… are you ready to have a GOOD TIME?”
“Yeah!” With a vim and vigour contrasting the relatively sedate surroundings, Andromeda cheered out her signature line from their phones, fired up and clapping her hands enthusiastically. However prim and proper she looked in her suit, her excitement at what was sure to be a great match got the best of her. “Here we go...”
Location: The (fictional) Casino Chiaroscuro in Las Vegas, Nevada. There are three floors, on Floor 1 are the slot machines, on Floor 2 are the card and pool tables as well as where the players start, and on Floor 3 is a bar and lounge area. Each floor is 50 by 50 meters, 5 by 5 meters per tile, and there is about 5 meters between floors.
The marked red circles are stairway rooms with openings and exits on all sides, the orange squares are slot machines, the brown rectangles are poker tables, and the teal rectangles are pool tables, the purple circles are tables, and the green L shapes are bar counters with bartenders denoted by the orange circles.
The area is packed with people around the slot machines, tables and bars with a decent amount of people also just walking around so you may have to squeeze past people in the more crowded areas. Every game table has a fully seated game going, people are playing on both sides of the slot machines, and people are drinking at the bar counters and at tables resting.
The people have 222 Physical stats and won’t pay much attention to you, but will shove back if you try to push them to get to one of the objectives. The bartenders have 433 Physicals and 4s in Bartending, they will also try to prevent anybody else from trying to get back behind their respective bar counter, however they may not always be observant while serving drinks or attending to other duties.
Goal: Score a bingo before your opponent does! The stars are colored oversized bingo balls about the size of a softball and are objectives to collect to win the match with more elaborations bellow. The balls are all on the floor, the stars that are on the tables just mean that the ball is underneath that table.
In the case that neither player can complete a bingo with the tokens taken, the current balls will immediately deactivate, losing their color, and new balls will be placed in the locations. In essence, the game state is entirely reset.
While nothing necessarily stops you from harming your opponent, you’ve spent a lot of time getting to know them and you aren’t here to hurt someone. Seriously harming your opponent will lead to you RETIREing out of shame!
Additional Information: Both players have the same three by three bingo sheet, and for an easier time remembering, the stars are roughly located in the area they are on the sheet compared to the map. The Dark Blue star being in the top left corner of the map for example.
The balls have to be in the player’s hands in order for them to be counted. Balls may not be stolen once they are already counted.
Team Combatant JoJolity
Fairy Fellers Connor Pruckette “Hap-py Joy-py Yorupiku-ne~!” You're here to blow off some steam, so do so! Have as much fun as possible in your strategy, with a focus on smooth moves and flashy applications of your abilities! For bonus points, win of course, but help your opponent have fun as well!
Ocean’s 11 Nora Kleid “Well in this case, everyone’s happy, so it’s fine.” You're here to blow off some steam, so do so! Have as much fun as possible in your strategy, with a focus on smooth moves and flashy applications of your abilities! For bonus points, win of course, but help your opponent have fun as well!
Link to the Official Player Spreadsheet
Link to R3 Match Schedule
As always, if you would like to interact with the tournament community and be among the first to get updates for the tournament, please feel free to PM a member of our Judge staff for an invite to our Official Discord Server!
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Post RoH 15th Anniversary Discussion Thread

Ring of Honor 15th Anniversary PPV

March 10th, 2017. 9PM EST, 6PM PST
Sam's Town Live Casino, Las Vegas, NV
Winner Loser Match Type Notes
Jay White Kenny King Singles
Frankie Kazarian Cheeseburger, Chris Sabin, Hangman Page, Punisher Martinez, & Silas Young Six-Man Mayhem #1 Contendership for RoH World TV Title
Jay Lethal Bobby Fish Singles #1 Contendership for RoH World Championship
The Kingdom (Matt Taven, TK O'Ryan, & Vinny Marseglia) (c) Dalton Castle & The Boys (Brent & Brandon (?)) Six-Man Tag-Team RoH World Six-Man Tag-Team Championship
Marty Scurll (c) Lio Rush Singles RoH World Television Title
The Briscoe Brothers (Jay Briscoe & Mark Briscoe) & Bully Ray War Machine (Ray Rowe & Hanson) & Davey Boy Smith Jr. Six-Man Tag-Team Bully Ray's Debut
The Broken Hardyz (Broken Matt & Brother Nero) (c) The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) & Roppongi Vice (Rocky Romero & Trent Beretta) Three-way Tag-Team Streetfight RoH World Tag-Team Championship
Christopher Daniels Adam Cole (c) Singles RoH World Championship

Community Ratings Survey



  • TK O'Ryan of The Kingdom was injured. Ending was rushed without him. Seems to be a broken leg.
  • War Machine and DBS seem to have a feud brewing
  • The Broken Hardyz wore their attire, but commentary did not mention their gimmick names #Anthem
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Keeping New Vegas Clean

I recently did a playthrough of Fallout New Vegas where I picked up and kept everything. EVERYTHING. I picked every area bone dry. I took all the perks related to carrying stuff. I only used melee weapons so as to not use any ammo. I didn't repair anything so nothing was used. My results are below. And here's a link to small gallery of my acquisitions:
Keeping New Vegas Clean
Weapons: .357 Magnum Revolver (34) .44 Magnum Revolver (19) .45 Auto Pistol (9) .45 Auto Submachine Gun (8) 10mm Pistol (67) 10mm Submachine Gun (63) 12.7mm Pistol (4) 12.7mm Submachine Gun (31) 9 Iron (2) 9mm Pistol (57) 9mm Submachine Gun (34) A Light Shining In Darkness (1) AER14 Prototype (1) Alien Blaster (1) All-American (1) Annabelle (1) Anti-Materiel Rifle (15) Arc Welder (8) Assault Carbine (16) Automatic Rifle (9) BB Gun (21) Bad Beat (1) Ballistic Fist (11) Baseball Bat (38) Bear Trap Fist (26) Big Mountain Transportalponder! (1) Binoculars (21) Blade of the West (12) Bladed Gauntlet (1) Bottlecap Mine (1) Bowie Knife (15) Boxing Tape (2) Brass Knuckles (13) Broad Machete (1) Broken Grenade Rifle (2) Broken Missile Launcher (1) Brush Gun (38) Bumper Sword (3) C-4 Plastic Explosive (44) CZ57 Avenger (1) Caravan Shotgun (37) Cattle Prod (9) Chainsaw (2) Chopper (1) Christine's COS Silencer Rifle (1) Cleaver (20) Codac R9000 (1) Col. Gillians sniper rifle (1) Combat Knife (54) Compliance Regulator (1) Corrosive Glove (2) Cosmic Knife (24) Cowboy Repeater (27) Detonator (2) Dinner Bell (1) Displacer Glove (3) Dr. Klein's Glove (1) Dr. Mobius' Glove (1) Drawing Dead (1) Dress Cane (2) Dynamite (198) Elijah's Advanced LAER (2) Elijah's Jury-Rigged Tesla Cannon (1) Euclid's C-Finder (1) Fat Man (4) Fire Axe (21) Fire Bomb (1) Flamer (11) Flare Gun (19) Flash Bang (59) Frag Grenade (231) Frag Mine (178) Gas Bomb (21) Gatling Laser (8) Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle (1) Golden Gloves (1) Great Bear Grenade Rifle (1) Grenade Launcher (6) Grenade Machinegun (2) Grenade Rifle (17) H&H Tools Nail Gun (10) Hatchet (2) Heavy Incinerator (7) Holorifle (1) Holy Frag Grenade (3) Hunting Revolver (17) Hunting Rifle (37) Hunting Shotgun (10) Incendiary Grenade (45) Incinerator (7) Industrial Hand (4) K9000 Cyberdog Gun (2) Knife (210) Knife Spear (62) Knock Knock (1) LAER (6) Laser Detonator (1) Laser Pistol (55) Laser RCW (19) Laser Rifle (29) Lead Pipe (55) Lever-Action Shotgun (8) Liberator (1) Light Machine Gun (8) Long Fuse Dynamite (37) Love and Hate (1) Lucky (1) Machete (128) Machete Gladius (4) Mantis Gauntlet (15) Maria (1) Marksman Carbine (18) Mercenary's Grenade Rifle (1) Mercy (1) Minigun (9) Missile Launcher (6) Multiplas Rifle (4) Mysterious Magnum (1) Nail Board (2) Nephi's Golf Driver (1) Oh, Baby! (1) Old Glory (2) Paladin Toaster (1) Pew Pew (1) Plasma Caster (4) Plasma Defender (13) Plasma Grenade (86) Plasma Mine (60) Plasma Pistol (17) Plasma Rifle (22) Police Baton (95) Police Pistol (21) Pool Cue (107) Powder Charge (17) Power Fist (30) Proton Axe (14) Proton Throwing Axe (55) Protonic Inversal Axe (4) Protonic Inversal Throwing Axe (10) Pulse Grenade (113) Pulse Gun (1) Pulse Mine (38) Pushy (1) Q-35 Matter Modulator (1) Ratslayer (1) Rebar Club (38) Recharger Pistol (7) Recharger Rifle (1) Recompense of the Fallen (1) Red Glare (3) Riot Shotgun (17) Ripper (9) Rolling Pin (4) Salt-Upon-Wounds' Power Fist (1) Satchel Charge (50) Saturnite Fist (9) Saturnite Fist Super-Heated (8) Sawed-Off Shotgun (22) Scientist Glove (7) Service Rifle (26) She's Embrace (1) Shishkebab (34) Shoulder Mounted Machine Gun (7) Shovel (4) Silenced .22 Pistol (22) Silenced .22 SMG (1) Single Shotgun (45) Sledgehammer (16) Slow Roll (1) Sniper Rifle (15) Sonic Emitter (1) Spiked Knuckles (8) Sterilizer Glove (2) Straight Razor (10) Sturdy Caravan Shotgun (1) Super Sledge (24) Survivalist's Rifle (1) Switchblade (33) Tesla Cannon (3) Tesla-Beaton Prototype (1) That Gun (1) The Humble Cudgel (1) Thermic Lance (7) Throwing Knife Spear (200) Throwing Spear (192) Thump-Thump (1) Time Bomb (2) Tire Iron (73) Tomahawk (73) Trail Carbine (5) Tri-Beam Laser Rifle (9) Vance's 9mm Submachine Gun (1) Varmint Rifle (51) War Club (7) Weathered 10mm Pistol (1) X-2 Antenna (1)
Apparel: 1st Recon Beret (1) Advanced Radiation Suit (5) Advanced Riot Gear (1) Advanced Riot Gear Helmet (1) All-Purpose Science Suit (1) Armor of the 87th Tribe (1) Armored Vault 13 Jumpsuit (1) Armored Vault 66 Jumpsuit (1) Assassin Suit (1) Atomic-Valence Tri-Radii-Oscillator (1) Authority Glasses (8) Ballcap with Glasses (2) Bandana (4) Benny's Suit (1) Beret (3) Biker Goggles (7) Boomer Flightsuit (2) Boomers Cap (1) Boomers Helmet (1) Bounty Hunter Duster (1) Brahmin-Skin Outfit (16) Breathing Mask (12) Bright Brotherhood Robe (19) Brotherhood T-45d Power Armor (1) Brotherhood T-51b Power Armor (8) Caesar's Armor (1) Caravaneer Outfit (4) Cattleman Cowboy Hat (11) Centurion Helmet (13) Chalk's Headdress (1) Christine's COS Recon Armor (1) Combat Armor (32) Combat Armor, Reinforced (5) Combat Armor, Reinforced Mark 2 (2) Combat Helmet (19) Combat Helmet, Reinforced (3) Combat Helmet, Reinforced Mark 2 (2) Construction Hat (11) Courier Duster (1) Daniel's Hat (1) Daniel's Outfit (1) Dapper Gambler Hat (1) Dapper Gambler Suit (1) Dead Horses Stalker Armor (2) Dead Money Jumpsuit (1) Dean's Tuxedo (1) Desert Ranger COmbat Armor (1) Desert Ranger COmbat Helmet (1) Desperado Cowboy Hat (12) Destroyed Party Hat (10) Dirty Pre-War Businesswear (69) Dirty Pre-War Casualwear (35) Dirty Pre-War Parkstroller Outfit (51) Dirty Pre-War Relaxedwear (53) Dirty Pre-War Spring Outfit (58) Dr. Klein's Glasses (1) Dr. Klein's Scrubs (1) Dr. Mobius' Glasses (1) Dr. Mobius Scrubs (1) Elite Riot Gear (1) Elite Riot Gear Helmet (1) Explorer Hood (8) Eyebot Helmet (1) Eyeglasses (54) Fancy Gambler Suit (2) Father Elijah's Robes (1) Field Hand Outfit (5) Fiend Battle Helmet (21) Fiend Helmet (19) Fiend Warrior Helmet (12) Fire Helmet (8) Formal Wear (1) Goggles Helmet (15) Great Khan Simple Armor (2) Great Khan Soldier Armor (1) Great Khan Spike Helmet (2) Great Khan Suit Armor (1) Grimy Pre-War Businesswear (60) Handyman Jumpsuit (1) Hazmat Darklight Cowl (1) Hazmat Suit (1) Head Wrap (3) Hockey Mask (20) Jailhouse Rocker (5) Joshua Graham's Armor (1) Kings Outfit (41) Leather Armor (22) Leather Armor, Reinforced (7) Legion Centurion Armor (12) Legion Explorer Armor (15) Legion Praetorian Armor (24) Legion Prime Armor (13) Legion Recruit Armor (54) Legion Veteran Armor (47) Legion Vexillarius Armor (22) Lightweight Leather Armor (1) Lightweight Metal Armor (1) Lobotomite Goggles (36) Lobotomite Jumpsuit (53) Lobotomite Mask (32) Lobotomite Mask and Goggles (25) Lucky Shades (1) MP Trooper Helmet (1) Mad Scientist Scrubs (2) Marked Beast Eyes Helmet (1) Marked Beast Face Helmet (1) Marked Beast Helmet (1) Marked Beast Tribal Helmet (1) Marked Patrol Armor (6) Marked Scout Armor (38) Marked Tribal Armor (8) Marked Trooper Armor (34) Memphis Kid Outfit (1) Merc Adventurer Outfit (4) Merc Charmer Outfit (10) Merc Cruiser Outfit (14) Merc Grunt Outfit (19) Merc Troublemaker Outfit (26) Merc Veteran Outfit (10) Metal Armor (13) Metal Armor, Reinforced (3) Metal Helmet (6) Metal Helmet, Reinforced (1) Motorcycle Helmet (6) NCR Bandoleer Armor (7) NCR Face Wrap Armor (4) NCR Mantle Armor (5) NCR Military Police Armor (1) NCR Ranger Combat Armor (3) NCR Ranger Patrol Armor (3) NCR Salvaged Power Armor (7) NCR Trooper Armor (22) NCR Trooper Fatigues (1) Old Cowboy Hat (2) Park Ranger Hat (3) Party Hat (4) Patient Gown (38) Police Hat (1) Powder Gang Guard Armor (20) Powder Gang Plain Outfit (35) Powder Gang Simple Outfit (12) Poweder Gang Soldier Outfit (8) Pre-War Baseball Cap (36) Pre-War Bonnet (41) Pre-War Casualwear (54) Pre-War Hat (90) Pre-War Parkstroller Outfit (41) Pre-War Relaxedwear (55) Pre-War Spring Outfit (43) Prime Decanus Helmet (7) Prime Helmet (5) Prospector Outfit (2) Radiation Suit (7) Raider Arclight Helmet (2) Raider Badlands Armor (14) Raider Blastmaster Armor (14) Raider Painspike Armor (11) Raider Sadist Armor (15) Ranger Grey Hat (3) Ranger Hat (3) Ranger Helmet (3) Rattan Cowboy Hat (6) Rawhide Cowboy Hat (10) Reading Glasses (26) Rebreather (1) Recon Armor (8) Recon Armor Helmet (4) Recruit Decanus Helmet (5) Recruit Helmet (24) Remnants Power Helmet (1) Riot Gear (3) Riot Gear Helmet (3) RobCo Jumpsuit (1) Roving Trader Hat (3) Roving Trader Outfit (2) Salt-Upon-Wounds' Helmet (1) Salvaged Power Helmet (7) Scientist Scrubs (6) Scorched Sierra Power Armor (1) Settler Outfit (5) Sexy Sleepwear (84) Sheriff's Duster (1) Sheriff's Hat (2) Sierra Madre Armor (8) Sierra Madre Armor, Reinforced (4) Sierra Madre Helmet (10) Sierra Madre Helmet, Reinforced (3) Sin City Armor (1) Slave Rags (2) Slave Scarf (1) Sleepwear (1) Space Suit (1) Space Suit Helmet (1) Stealth Suit Mk II (1) Stormchaser Hat (6) Suave Gambler Hat (1) Sunglasses (32) T-45d Power Armor (7) T-45d Power Helmet (10) T-51b Power Armor (2) T-51b Power Helmet (3) Tinted Reading Glasses (13) Tribal Raiding Armor (1) Trooper Helmet (27) Tuxedo Hat (3) US Army Combat Armor (4) US Army General Outfit (1) Ulysses' Duster (2) Ulysses' Mask (2) Valence Radii-Accentuator (5) Vault 11 Jumpsuit (21) Vault 19 Jumpsuit (20) Vault 21 Jumpsuit (5) Vault 22 Jumpsuit (17) Vault 3 Jumpsuit (19) Vault 3 Utility Jumpsuit (6) Vault 34 Jumpsuit (11) Vault 34 Security Armor (7) Vault 34 Security Helmet (7) Vault 66 Jumpsuit (2) Vault 66 Security Vest (1) Vera's Outfit (2) Veteran Decanus Outfit (18) Veteran Helmet (36) Vexillarius Helmet (22) Wasteland Doctor Fatigues (3) Wasteland Settler Outfit (27) Wasteland Surgeon Outfit (4) Wasteland Wanderer Outfit (15) Well-Heeled Gambler Hat (3) Well-Heeled Gambler Suit (2) White Glove Society Attire (2) White Glove Society Mask (2) White Legs Hide Armor (35) White Legs Outfit (38) Yangtze Camp Jumpsuit (6)
Aid: Absinthe (42) Ant Egg (10) Ant Meat (96) Ant Nectar (26) Ant queen pheromones (1) Antivenom (117) Atomic cocktail (96) Auto-inject stimpack (76) Auto-inject super stimpack (49) Banana yucca fruit (247) Barrel cactus fruit (204) Battle brew (7) Beer (528) Big book of science (5) Bighorner meat (100) Bitter drink (38) Black blood sausage (1) Black coffee (3) Blamco Mac & cheese (105) Bleak venom (6) Bloatfly meat (78) Blood pack (12) Blood sausage (467) Blood shield (2) Boxing times (18) Brahmin meat (13) Brahmin steak (83) Brahmin Wellington (1) Broc flower (174) Bubblegum (43) Buffalo gourd seed (150) Buffout (96) Caravan lunch (2) Cateye (39) Cave fungus (421) Cazador egg (15) Chinese army: spec. Ops. Training manual (6) Coyote meat (35) Coyote steak (4) Coyote tobacco chew (65) Cram (188) Crispy squirrelbits (50) Crunchy mutfruit (45) D.c. Journal of internal medicine (4) Dandy boy apples (89) Dark datura (26) Datura antivenom (24) Datura hide (6) Daturana (11) Dean's electronics (6) Desert salad (7) Dirty water (536) Dixon's jet (8) Dixon's whiskey (2) Doctor's bag (126) Dog meat (201) Dog steak (2) Duck and cover! (6) Fancy lads snacks (94) Fire ant egg (3) Fire ant meat (29) Fire ant nectar (7) Fixer (59) Fixin' things (47) Fresh apple (84) Fresh carrot (58) Fresh pear (30) Fresh potato (103) Future weapons today (17) Gecko kabob (5) Gecko meat (245) Gecko steak (56) Giant rat meat (56) Grilled mantis (52) Grognak the barbarian (4) Gum drops (26) Guns and bullets (7) Healing poultice (2) Healing powder (190) Honey mesquite pod (233) Human flesh (48) Hydra (57) Ice cold nuka-cola (6) Iguana bits (57) Iguana on a stick (81) Implant grx (10) Instamash (102) Irr. Banana yucca (7) Irr. Barrel cactus (10) Irr. Crunchy mutfruit (4) Irr. Dandy boy apples (3) Irr. Fancy lads (5) Irr. Gecko meat (4) Irr. Mac & cheese (4) Irr. Pork n' beans (5) Irr. Potato crisps (5) Irr. Salisbury steak (2) Irr. Sugar bombs (1) Irr. Sunset Sars. (9) Irr. Yumyum d. Eggs (2) Irradiated beer (14) Irradiated cram (3) Irradiated instamash (4) Irradiated mutfruit (3) Irradiated potato (30) Irradiated scotch (8) Irradiated water (24) Irradiated whiskey (5) Jake juice (1) JalapeÒo pepper (46) Jet (162) Junk food (113) Lad's life (38) Lakelurk egg (5) Lakelurk meat (13) Locksmith's reader (21) Lying, congressional style (5) Mre (12) Mre (94) Maize (464) Med-x (206) Meeting people (18) Mentats (217) Milsurp review (19) Mole rat meat (58) Mole rat wonder meat (1) Moonshine (7) Mutant cave fungus (38) Mutfruit (58) Ncr emergency radio (1) Nevada agave fruit (174) Nightstalker squeezin's (12) Nightstalker tail (37) Nikola tesla and you (5) Noodles (43) Nuka-cola (414) Nuka-cola quantum (8) Nuka-cola Quartz (29) Nuka-cola victory (15) Party time mentats (1) Patriot's cookbook (27) Pinto bean pod (182) Pinyon nuts (83) Pork n' beans (333) Potato crisps (80) Pre-war steak (5) Preserved meat (18) Prickly pear fruit (251) Programmer's digest (40) Psycho (139) Pugilism illustrated (6) Purified water (599) Rad-x (203) Radaway (245) Radroach meat (29) Rat meat (9) Rebound (106) Roughin' it! Bedroll kit (1) Ruby's casserole (3) Rum & nuka (1) Sacred datura root (105) Salesman weekly (22) Salient green (5) Salisbury steak (64) Scotch (297) Sierra madre martini (6) Snakebite tourniquet (2) Spore carrier sap (17) Spore plant pods (63) Squirrel stew (55) Squirrel on a stick (68) Steady (114) Stealth boy (55) Stimpack (652) Strange meat (5) Strange meat pie (7) Sugar bombs (104) Sunset sarsaparilla (896) Super stimpack (89) Sweetroll (12) Tales of a junktown jerky vendor (6) Thick red paste (3) Thin red paste (401) Today's physician (36) Trail mix (3) Tremble (2) True police stories (16) Tumblers today (5) Turbo (26) Taeles of chivalrie (23) Vodka (246) Wasteland omelet (6) Wasteland survival guide (5) Weapon binding ritual (7) Weapon repair kit (31) Whiskey (322) White horsenettle (92) Wine (388) Xander root (136) Yao guai meat (35) Yumyum deviled eggs (39) !la fantoma! (34)
Misc: "Flour" (2) $100 ncr (36) $20 ncr (144) $5 ncr (388) .44 revolver scope (1) 10 ball (37) 10 of hearts - Sierra madre (1) 13 ball (43) 2 ball (38) 4 of spades - Sierra madre (1) 5 ball (36) 6 of diamonds - Sierra madre (1) 7 of clubs - Sierra madre (1) 7 of hearts - Sierra madre (1) 8 ball (40) 8 of spades - Sierra madre (1) Abraxo cleaner (365) Ace of clubs - Sierra madre (1) Ace of diamonds - Sierra madre (1) Ace of spades - Sierra madre (1) Acoustic guitar (4) Action Abe action figure (3) Ashtray (704) Bark scorpion poison gland (59) Baseball (120) Baseball glove (66) Basketball (27) Bent tin can (1037) Big spoon (36) Bobby pin (476) Bonesaw (58) Brahmin skull (13) Broken detonator (1) Brotherhood of steel holotag (4) Butter knife (245) Camp guardian log page (9) Caravan deck (1) Carton of cigarettes (564) Case, .308 (182) Case, .357 magnum (340) Case, .44 magnum (160) Case, .45 auto (265) Case, .45-70 gov't (231) Case, .50 mg (78) Case, 10mm (706) Case, 12.7mm (284) Case, 5.56mm (688) Case, 5mm (119) Case, 9mm (610) Cazador poison gland (107) Cby. Rep. Custom action (1) Centaur blood (26) Ceramic dinner plate (65) Chessboard (122) Cigarette (335) Clipboard (312) Coffee mug (1485) Coffee pot (184) Complimentary voucher (2) Conductor (292) Container of chlorine (1) Counterfeit bottle cap (18) Coyote hide (17) Crutch (57) Cuddles' toy car (2) Cue ball (42) Cup (578) Cutting board (87) Deactivated bomb collar (11) Dean domino's blackmail tape (1) Deathclaw egg (18) Deathclaw hand (46) Dinner plate (282) Dino toy (37) Distinctive cigarette butt (7) Dog bowl (54) Dog hide (81) Doggie treat (2) Drained electron charge pack (1139) Drained flamer fuel tank (229) Drained microfusion cell (635) Drained small energy cell (489) Drinking glass (632) Earnings clipboard (215) Electric box fuse (3) Embalming fluid (4) Empty jet inhaler (6) Empty nuka-cola bottle (579) Empty soda bottle (355) Empty sunset sarsaparilla bottle (1973) Empty whiskey bottle (737) Engraved cigarette lighter (1) Entertainer pass (1) Evil gnome (1) Eyebot upgrade circuit board (5) Finance clipboard (215) Finger (1) Fire gecko egg (17) Fire gecko hide (67) Firehose nozzle (33) Fission battery (424) Flamer expanded tanks (1) Flour (109) Food additive (1) Fork (309) Gecko egg (5) Gecko hide (27) Glass pitcher (213) Gold bar (37) Golden gecko egg (9) Golden gecko hide (32) Golf ball (7) Gomorrah chip (50) Green gecko egg (3) Green gecko hide (4) Green plate (155) Halford's note (2) Hammer (237) Holotape (9) Hot plate (54) Howitzer firing mechanism (1) Hull, 12 gauge (242) Hull, 20 gauge (589) Infected Brahmin meat (6) Iron (101) Isotope-239 igniting agent (1) Jack of diamonds - Sierra madre (1) Jar of cloud residue (151) Karl's journal (1) Large burned book (365) Large destroyed book (324) Large ruined book (275) Large scorched book (333) Large whiskey bottle (189) Laser rifle focus optics (1) Lawn mower blade (5) Lead (611) Leaf blower (7) Legion aureus (22) Legion denarius (1285) Legion ear (37) Legion patrol notes (1) Legion raid plans (1) Legion slave ledger (1) Lincoln's voice (2) Lottery ticket (7) Lucky 8 ball (1) Lucky casino chip (101265) Maintenance pass (1) Mantis egg (26) Mantis foreleg (182) Mark of Caesar (1) Marked cards (1) Mayor stern's journal 2/2 (1) Medical clipboard (140) Metal cooking pan (141) Metal cooking pot (68) Metal spoon (200) Milk bottle (267) Motorcycle gas tank (7) Motorcycle handbrake (4) Mutilated arm (1) Mutated leg (14) Mutilated organs (12) Mutilated skull (11) Mutilated torso (13) Ncr computer parts (6) Ncr dogtag (32) Ncr radio parts (4) Nightstalker blood (58) Nightstalker egg (55) Ophthalmoscope (11) Pack of cigarettes (672) Paint gun (134) Paperweight (198) Pencil (487) Pilot light (201) Ping pong ball (2) Plasma rifle mag. Accelerator (1) Plunger (174) Pool ball (7) Pot (162) Powder, pistol (2058) Powder, rifle (842) Pre-war book (1116) Pre-war money (1719) Pressure cooker (77) Primer, .50 mg (72) Primer, large pistol (80) Primer, large rifle (50) Primer, shotshell (25) Primer, small pistol (50) Primer, small rifle (40) Queen of clubs - Sierra madre (1) Radscorpion poison gland (141) Rake (14) Rawr's talon (1) Recipes - barter skill book (1) Recipes - energy weapons skill book (1) Recipes - explosives skill book (1) Recipes - medicine skill book (1) Recipes - me lee weapons skill book (1) Recipes - science skill book (1) Recipes - sneak skill book (1) Recipes - speech skill book (1) Recipes - survival skill book (1) Recipes - unarmed skill book (1) Red glare alpha strike (1) Red plate (55) Remote signal transmitter (1) Rocket souvenir (167) Rocket souvenir replica (4) Rollerskate (6) Schematics - billboard (1) Scissors (47) Scripture (1) Sergeant teddy (1) Seymour (1) Sheet music book (1) Shot glass (459) Sierra madre chip (15100) Small burned book (552) Small destroyed book (454) Small ruined book (537) Small scorched book (515) Sniper rifle suppressor (1) Spatula (26) Sport (21) Steam gauge assembly (61) Stress and the modern refugee: a primer (1) Suites security pass (1) Suites security password note (1) Sunset sarsaparilla deputy badge (317) Surgical tubing (157) Svc. Rifle upgraded springs (1) Terminal access card (1) The platinum chip (1) Tin plate (232) Tina (1) Tiny, tiny babies: all you need to know about pediatric medicine (1) Toaster (102) Toy car (140) Triangle (24) Tunneled hide (47) Turpentine (300) Tweezers (51) Vacuum cleaner (43) Vault 13 canteen (1) Vault 22 cave door keycard (1) Vera Keyes' audition (1) Vera's partitures (1) Wasteland survival guide (4) Whet stone (24) White plate (367) Wood chipper (2) Yeast (30) Zion canyon map (1) Sparks (4) Keyring (1)
Ammo: .223 round (20) .22LR Round (1002) .22LR, Hollow Point (882) .22LR, Plinking (100) .308 Round (2947) .308, Armor Piercing (1909) .308, Hollow Point (1122) .357 Magnum Round (7089) .357 Magnum, Hollow Point (1410) .357 Magnum, JFP (Hand Load) (150) .38 Special Round (100) .44 Magnum Round (1771) .44 Magnum, Hollow Point (1334) .45 Auto (543) .45 Auto, +P (75) .45 Auto, Hollow Point (10) .45-70 Gov't (641) .45-70 Gov't, Hollow Point (632) .50 MG (244) .50 MG, Armor Piercing (3002) .50 MG, Incendiary (925) 10mm Round (7271) 10mm, Hollow Point (666) 12 Gauge Round (1111) 12 Gauge, Bean Bag (635) 12 Gauge, Magnum (231) 12 Gauge, Slug (521) 12.7mm Round (855) 12.7mm Round, Hollow Point (645) 20 Gauge Round (1697) 20 Gauge, Magnum (12) 20 Gauge, Slug (4) 25mm Grenade (164) 25mm Grenade, High Explosive (2) 40mm Grenade (352) 40mm Grenade, Incendiary (20) 5.56mm Round (5258) 5.56mm, Armor Piercing (2071) 5.56mm, Hollow Point (868) 5.56mm, Surplus (250) 5mm Round (3818) 5mm, Armor Piercing (2242) 5mm, Surplus (250) 9mm Round (3055) 9mm, Hollow Point (591) Alien Power Cell (524) BB (2149) Camera Film (19) Electron Charge Pack (9358) Electron Charge Pack, Over Charge (2625) Energy Cell (10405) Energy Cell, Bulk (500) Energy Cell, Max Charge (150) Energy Cell, Over Charge (2313) Flamer Fuel (16423) Microfusion Breeder Microfusion Cell (6667) Microfusion Cell, Bulk (25) Microfusion Cell, Over Charge (2236) Mini Nuke (27) Missile (570) Missile, High Explosive (2) Missile, High Velocity (2) Nails (1576) Rocket (763) Rocket, High Explosive Rocket, Incendiary (4)
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🌧✨ Reddit Dragula - S3 Meet The Monsters | Part One ✨🌧

As a pre-conceived warning, this MTM will not be as good as last seasons. Due to my own mistake, I should’ve been more specific on it being more of a look description so I could have free range on the episode writing, however these girls and the other ones coming in the next part SLAYED for their first times, and honestly they’ll make this part good themselves. I apologise.
“What did you see?”
The sudden opening of the first scene occurs, appearing with a booming lightning strike sound, the constant loud splatter of rain drops pouring from the pewter clouds above can also be heard within the storm. The camera panned from the near trees, outwards into the clearing, where a drenched woman small of stature huddles within a blanket next to a police officer, residing next to the camp fire which had clearly extinguished due to the weather; the relentless amount of opaque, thick smog rising and intoxicating the air. She trembles and shakes in the cold night, shook up from something she had seen. The police officer near her leans further in, patting her back, the tense music continuing to crescendo.
“I saw Ev-evi-evita.”
A close up of a mixture of rain and tears rolling off her jawline happens, then the camera suddenly switching to the policeman's frowning face.
“Ok, this girls clearly done drugs. Just take her somewhere, to her home, whatever.”
The man scratches the rubble upon his jaw, and then stares into the distance of the forest, thinking that he saw a dark silhouette moving around, shaking his head and getting into his car, slamming the door in disappointment. One more lightning strike occurs, the intense, blindening blue blast of lightning covering the screen, transitioning into the new scene.
Las Vegas
11:00 PM
“Back, back, back here again. Spinning the wheel one more time.”
The camera pans through the streams of posh, upper class people in formal attire, treading over the crimson velvet floors and leaving behind their footprints. Fantasia can be seen, back in the same spot of last season, before a casino table in which rests the same wheel used from last season, each quarter reading the name of a final four queen. She also wore the same dress from the last time she stood in the spot. Her large, talon-like, royal blue fake nails come into view as she grabs onto the spin wheel, spinning it and watching it slow down. Vibrations emit from her phone, Fantasia looking down as she sighs and reluctantly answering the call, disrupting her attention to the spinning wheel. Whatever it landed on was blurred out as she turned, and awaits to hear the unknown voice on the call.
“Who died? Have I been sent home yet? Oh no what’s the twist? Wait, I don’t want to know, what is it?” She practically yells down the phone, eyeing up those who walked past her and gave her the evils.
The scene cuts to Fantasia rushing to her car, stumbling in her heels, gripping onto the cold handle and swinging the door open, throwing herself in. She ends the phone call, sighing, and then drives down the strip and out into the dessert. The roaring exhaust on the vintage car emitted vast sounds waves and smoke, whipping up the sand into whirlwinds and suffocating the air that lacked any moisture. The night sky was dawned upon her, with a slight red cast as the sun went down, continuing to drive faster as she looked at the time within her car. She eventually leaves the dessert scene, and finds herself pulling out of a police station, rushing into the doors whilst pushing past people and peering around for the sheriff's office.
“What did you see?”
She drops heavily onto the chair next to the woman who was found earlier, rushing her on for an answer.
“No, I don’t care about the cross dressing pedo, and yes you’re scarred by my stunning face, but a faster answer please. I don’t have all day, not all of us work on the same brain speed of… myself.”
“I saw a dark area, I’m not sure where it was. Almost like an empty room. And there were these monsters…”
The scene fades out, transitioning to another one which shows what she saw. A dark empty area, from what we can presume a room, was shown, only lit by a far flickering bulb in the distance, the only sound is of the faulty electrics and loose wires about the room, occasionally emitting sparks. Faint footsteps echoed off the wall, but coming from no sure direction, the camera spinning slowly until it focuses on a series of unknown figures.
The room was, well, as bright as you could expect an abandoned warehouse-y place to be, with walls as dark as the minds of those that entered it, and a thin veil of dust and mist that intermingled as it fell from the damp, mold-encrusted ceiling. Ava Adore slowly stepped into the light, her platforms scraping against the cold concrete floor. Her outfit was fairly simple-she wore a short, neatly-cut bob wig that just scraped her chin, green face paint dripping down her mouth in some semblance of vomit. Her eyeshadow was an acid-bright yellow and her lips a shade of pink in a similar brightness. Her t-shirt was black with neon pink writing declaring the words "Vomit gore", and her skirt was a similar shade of yellow to her eyes, a skintight PVC material. Her leg attire was quite similar in its simplicity, black fishnets with fake blood dripping down from her thighs in a crude simulation of menstruation. She gave the camera a disinterested stare with her white contacts, as if she felt almost a disdain for her situation. The dark scene fades into a confessional.
[AVA | archdukelidl]: Ugh, I'm Ava Adore, I'm, like, 22? and I'm from the west midlands. Or whichever trash bag you pull me out of after a night of partying. Seriously, I've ended up in some wild places. My drag style is best described in two words: Party filth. Like, acid neon, puke and death. As you can probably tell from my outfit. I don't think it fits into the typical conventions of filth drag but I'll go with it. I like to experiment with horror stuff occasionally too. I would say my drag is out-of-the-box but that just sounds cocky, right? Oh, wait, who gives a fuck? Yeah, it's out of the box. If you can even find a box big enough to fit my fat ass. I have high hopes for myself, like, I don't expect to win, but I expect to put up a damn fight and I will cut a bitch with my fake nails if I have to. But winning would be cool so I'm not gonna do that, because that's like a disqualifiable offence, yeah? I got my drag name from a song by the Smashing Pumpkins, even though their music isn't really what filth is about. I just thought it sounded like a classy name. And I am the absolute opposite of that shit! Anyway, laters! I gotta go find some shit to drink.
“How many others did you see?”
The scene of her vision continues, Fantasias voice heard in the background as she continues to question the girl for answers.
The room was dark, thick smoke covers the room as a dark shadow appears through the smog. Anita walks in, one hand on her mask, the other stretched out in a claw-like fashion. She appears in a beaked mask, akin to those worn by the plague doctors during the black plague. The base of the full black mask is made of metal and the beak is made of hard leather, with clear glass on the eyeholes. She is wearing a red leather sex harness as a top with bare chest. The straps of the harness form a crisscross across her chest and the “straps” are thick enough to cover her nipples. She is wearing a pair of flare pants with feather ruffles on the sides that move beautifully with every step she takes. A rope belt with skulls is wrapped around her waist, with the excess dangling on her left side. She is also wearing an 8-inch black stiletto heel with a chunky front portion. Anita has on black leg warmers made of feathers on her forearms over a black latex wrist-length glove underneath. She accessorizes the look with a necklace with 5 skulls spaced out around it and dangling skull earrings. She is wearing a grey thick dread wig with smaller skulls in it. As Anita walks through the smoke, she takes off the mask, revealing red tribal markings on her forehead, with 2 pointed stripes painted downwards underneath her eyes, perpendicular to her lips. She has on a strong dark smokey eye and no brows, with a strong black lip. Her body and right arm also has matching red tribal markings. To complete the look, she is wearing blackout lenses to add intensity. On her back, she is wearing a rusty copper-colored cage, held by chains like a drawstring bag, with a mystery item in it. As she walks to the center, she twists and squirms as if being possessed by a demon. Once she hits the marking, she stands straight and silent, before turning around to release the black crow in her cage. She laughs maniacally as she watches her crow fly around the room, a symbol of her releasing her evil into the atmosphere.
After the camera focuses on the individual, it slowly fades back into the confessional scene.
[ANITA | passingpeaches ]: Sup whores. My name’s Anita Dragname and I am 25 years old from sunny Singapore. My drag is polished, wicked and gagworthy. I signed up to Reddit Dragula 3 cause I’ve had a taste of competing in RDR1 Remastered and thought I could give this a shot too. Some of my looks on that season have been said to be “very Dragula” by the other girls, so why not? I think out of the 3 elements of Dragula, I resemble Horror the most as I’m always turning spooks, stunting creepy.
The questioning continues to be heard, as another figure can be saw in the distance, beside Anita who had just appeared in the light.
“The werent only two, there were lots. Have you ever just saw something and it’s scarred you?”
“Yeah, I saw RDR2.”
“They kept appearing, it was so odd.”
The dark figure moves closer and closer.
Catheterina steps out covered in dirt, head to toe. She begins by standing with her feet far apart and her arms straight out by her sides so you can take in all of her filthy glory. Her dark auburn hair is large and in charge, extremely unkempt and poofy. The hair is waist length, with the top of the wig beginning six inches above her head. Upon closer inspection, you can see that there are dead roaches all throughout her hair. Her lipstick is chocolate brown, with a smudge on her upper lip to the left to give the impression that she’s been eating dirty ass. Her eye-shadow is bright green and each in the shape of a leaf, with a line coming out of each of her eye-lines to appear as a stem. To top it off, she has a roach pasted on her forehead with two worms coming out of each side to appear as a headband. On her extended arms is a brown garter snake, wrapped around her neck and both of her arms. On her left hand it’s rearing its’ ugly head, fully alive and well, with the snake’s body ending on Catheterina’s right hand. Her chest is covered with a tassel of leaves formed in the shape of a butterfly, with two brown leaves arranged vertically across the sternum, and crumpled up orange leaves to form the breasts. She has a belt that is also made of green leaves with two twigs sticking out at each side, holding up her knee-length, upside-down-cone-shaped skirt that is made of tiny twigs and sticks and slants downwards to the point that it sticks out five inches from her knees, still leaving see through areas. She steps forward with her arms still spread out, but then raises her right hand and begins pulling the dead roaches out of her hair, until she sticks out her right hand to show the handful of six roaches, and then eats them one by one like a bunch of M&M’s. The next handful she grabs, she smushes them on her right cheek, wiping the trails of their bodies across her face and then licking up the remnants. She pulls a worm off her forehead and it begins to swirl around. She lets it through one of the holes in her skirt to crawl up her urethra, with her mouth wide open in shock and pleasure at what she’d just done. For her finale, she unwraps the snake from her arms and allows it to hang around her neck for a bit, before bringing it up to her face and allowing it to lick her. She returns the favor by deep-throating its’ head before pulling it back out, still bobbing its’ head.
[CATHETERINA | asiaoharasdragrace]: I’m Catheterina Dick, named after the hopes that my outfits will make you cringe harder than my drag name and like I tell all my male suitors, I’m 18. I’m from Louisiana. Considering no one would recognize the name of my actual town, I’ll just go with New Orleans. It’s like my home away from home because there’s smelly homeless people everywhere so I fit right in. If I had to describe my drag in 3 words, mental illness manifestation. Kidding, sort of, but really I’d say campy, grungy, and trashy. I signed up for this because I need the online validation I don’t get in real life. Jk, but in all honesty I’ve been following these interactive seasons for a while, and Dragula allows you more freedom to be crazy and nasty and shocking, so I figured this was my opportunity to take the nightmares I’ve been having as long as I can remember and bring them to life- on Reddit. I easily resemble filth the most. I’m literally down for anything. This look only scratched the surface of how gross I am. I will drink piss and swallow whole live frogs and chop off toes if that gets me the Reddit Dragula crown. Hell, I’ll still do it anyways.
“Ew, that one sounded gross. Let me guess, there was another one?”
As the exposed queens disappear, the continuation of the sound of footsteps occurs, getting closer and closer, the camera occasionally flickering off and on.
Sue stepped out into the light with a pure air of elegance, embodying the jazz singers of days gone. When she looked in the lense you felt the whiff of whisky and regret hit you. When she twirled and the slit came up on that velvet gown it was as if she was sex herself. Candid, yet with ulterior motives behind it. She pulled a stiff cigar from her bodice, but rather than putting it to her mouth she put it to her neck, seemingly inhaled and then released the fumes through her mouth. The years of sin in the city and vice had made physical differences to her body. Rather than letting it be a catalyst for improvement she simply used it to show how little she cared. Her arm began to jitter, and she ripped off her glove revealing an IV bag of yellow liquid attached to her arm. Her hand began to contort into an assortment of glamorous poses, showing it to be in her nature to keep it beautiful. She pulled out a bottle of red wine from under her dress titled “Jesus juice, tastes like the end of the road”. She yanked out the cork and began drowning her arm in the juice, attempting to get it into where the IV had rested. She needed into her bloodstream, and the way she shook the bottle to get the liquid in was near visceral. Exhausted from the ordeal she fell to the ground, pulling her glove back up above her elbow in an attempt to be seductive, before giving up on this wish (as she likely did with many others in her life), and dragged her makeup while grabbing the cross laden below the throat cavity and saying some short prayers
[SUE PERB | HashtagDeathSplat]: I am Sue Perb, short for Susan Perb and longer for Susanne Perb, I am from The United Kingdom and I’m whatever age you want me to be. Sue is unexpected, polished and pristine. She serves you glamour with a twist. She’ll give you always a simple silhouette but always with a trick up her sleeve. It’s always polished and neat before it all inevitably goes to shit when she destroys the floor. I always try to embody a glamour and a beauty in what I do, and I use that as my way to present the other aspects. I signed up to Dragula to win a motherfucking crown and do something creative with my vacation.
“I mean, they weren’t all females. There was one that appeared quite masculine too.”
“Not a straight right?”
“I don’t know.”
Another daunting silhouette can be seen, as the light flickers Sue disappears from view, whilst the unknown person walks towards the lens.
The king emerged from the darkness of the room, a flash of light coming from the miners helmet he is wearing. Cobwebs cling to the yellow helmet as the dim headlamp flickers. His face is sunken in, the makeup creating deep dark circles under his eyes and sharp, jutting edges of his face. His chin has a smattering amount of dark brown stubble, which is contrasted by his intensely thick brown eyebrows. His face is an ashen gray color with short dirty blonde hair sweeping down to partially shade his eyes, which are blue. His overalls are a dark faded green color, they cling to his body, revealing a thin, wiry frame, and they are covered in dust and cobwebs. He is bare chested underneath the overalls, with the rest of his body painted similar to his face: gray and skeletal. There is a huge tear in the side of his overalls, caused by a large chunk of rock embedded into his side, with blood seeping through at a slow rate. His heavy, black combat boots drag and kick up dust as he shuffles forward deliberately, clutching a spray-painted gray sunflower close to his chest.
[INDIGO CHILD | cloudess15]: Hey, I’m Indigo Child, also known as cloudess15, and I’m 26, which means I’m past my biological prime and my cells are slowly dying. I’m a punk ghoul from the Twin Cities and my drag can best be described as undead, cynical, and comical. I definitely represent horror the best because there is nothing more terrifying than a butch who knows how to do makeup. I decided to do this competition to further develop my drag aesthetic. Let the Purple Reign begin!
The office scene returns, where Fantasia can be seen frowning at the girl whilst she describes what she saw.
“Portia, girl, come on. Please don’t tell me you’re having a relapse from your drug look on the Coachella challenge.”
Suddenly the woman, now known as Portia, snaps out of her depressing mood, turning red as she watches Fantasia rub her head in disappointment.
“It’s not my fault. It got me the win, so why wouldn’t I try again for the finale?”
“Just continue, tell me the others.”
It snaps back to the dark room.
A very tall and very pale figure steps into the doorway. In the half light, all that is visible is the soaring swoop of a skyscraper pompadour, and the glowing ash of a lit cigarette. She exhales the smoke in a perfect circle and steps forward. Razor sharp cheekbones adorned with metallic silver contour draw your attention up to golden brown eyes framed with lengthy spiked lashes. There is a sparkling viscous substance smudged around the eye and delicately spilling down her cheeks. How much of it is silicone glitter versus actual blood is anybody's guess. Her nails are certainly long enough to have scratched somebody's eyes out. Her fur bomber coat is as blood red as her hair, but the artfully slashed sequined chiffon strands underneath it could only be called a shirt by the blind or the generous. The only thing keeping the top half of the outfit from disintegrating is an elaborately woven double wide obi style belt made from sex shop cock rings and bits of old denim. Silver latex high waisted leggings hug a booty that tests the limits of the concept of 4 way stretch, and the surprisingly long and slender legs that carry it are encased in a red latex thigh high boot that matches the hair and the coat. She takes the last drag of her cigarette (stained with remnants of lacquered red lipstick), and crushes it under her stiletto heel in a manner that borders on niche pornography.
[ANGIE APATHY | msmonochrome]: Hello uglies! I'm Angie Apathy, old enough to know better, but young enough to still do it anyway. I'm born and bred in New York City, a place so dirty that my last subway ride was probably filthier that all of last season's runways put together. If I had to describe my drag in 3 words, they would be grungy grindhouse sexbot. I can switch from Fellini to Fulci at the drop of a hat, and bring a Dragula style celluloid cocktail of glamour and horror to the competition, with a dash of kink fueled filth thrown in. As a new face, these other girls might not give me much credit. That's fine, as I prefer to get the cash up front. Why Dragula Season 3? Apathy is nothing more than a fancy word for having not a single fuck left to give, and I am here to snatch the crown away from the tired masses of H.P Lovecraft fanfic and queens who still think blood capsule residue dribbling down their chin with some butcher shop entrails is super spooky.
The faulty light bulb flickers once again, Angie fading from view, replaced by one more dark silhouette that falters in the distance, stumbling towards the ambience of light.
A diadem of black tendrils sat proudly upon her grey skin. The cords intertwined themselves in a complicated manner, tying into thick webs that formed a netting. Only two of the crown's cords were not fitting in this order, instead, hanging loosely upon each side of her face. Her skin was grey, the shadows battling each other upon her visage. Her lips were basked in a deep plum color, with a single drop of blood staining them. Her cheekbones were high, strangely and disgustingly high. Erathelle stares down with her white contact lenses. There was only white in her pupils, the tones of violet and grey that danced around her eyelids being the only drop of color present. Where her eyebrows should have been, another pair of eyes were drawn. They were angular, thin, sharp, staring directly at the camera. Her gown went up to her neck. The lace of it was black, delicate, and torn into several spots, leaving her skin exposed around the shoulders and collarbones. Her abdomen resembled an insectoid carapace, having a series of blunt spine-like structures erupting around her stomach and down to her hips, where the dress falls down into a mermaid cut that hugged her legs tightly, spinning about as she walked. There were long threads of linen that hanged from her hands and diadem, swathing in the wind as she walked. Erathelle brought up a single finger to her lips. Pressing hardly upon her skin with her dark, fake nail, she would cut down in a single swipe as a thin droplet of blood crashed down upon her chin. The goddess Arachne had been dormant for too long - and now, she grows hungry.
[ERATHELLE | cuntaliefondant]: My drag name is Erathelle, but you can call me Era for short. It comes from my religious name. I am a Wiccan priest, and I go by "Erastis". So I took "Era", and added "thelle", because I love French sounding shit and there you have it. I am eighteen years of age. Fresh out the womb, right? I’m from Romania, where all the vampires and gypsies come from. Hide your drag from me, I'm gonna steal it. My drag in three words would be blasphemous, obscene, foul. A girl after your own heart. I think I embody horror the most. I think my purpose as a monster is to defile, and I really can't put it in better words. Everything I touch turns into a horrifying, ugly, repulsive mess.
Fading back to the scene in which Portia and Fantasia sat opposing one another, they both pause for a second and think.
“So, you’ve basically cast S3 for me through a drug trip?” Fantasia quieries her, confused but also thankful at the same time.
“Well, if you want them monsters on the cast then yeah, I guess so. What about the other 6?”
“I’ll go to wherever you imagined, you must’ve been there in the past anyway and find the others. Thanks, you’ve finally been useful for once.” She pats Portia on the back as she rises, heading to the door. “Write that damn finale submission already too, whore.”
She hurries out of the police station, in disgust with the toxic fumes that arose from the severe amounts of men smoking cigarettes, coughing as she regains balance on the slippery steps and gets back into her car. Pulling out a raggedy map from the cabinet, she opens it up and looks down at where she’s meant to be driving.
“I don’t even know how to work maps.”
She scans her finger over certain circled locations, such as one labelled ‘ancient chapel’, even one in Mexico, sighing.
“I’ll just go north.”
Fantasia presses down onto the acceleration pedal, switching on the radio and Euthanasias rap begins to play as the car storms off into the distance, disappearing from view.
Yet again, I apologise for the quality of the episode. Episode one will make up for it, and just a thank you to each queen in this part and the upcoming one for doing so well and actually making this worth reading.
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An Ultimate Travel Guide To North Goa

An Ultimate Travel Guide To North Goa

No doubt, North Goa is a paradise for travelers. Hub to some really stunning beaches and serene point of worship, North Goa is an ideal part of the Goa trip. There is so much in North Goa that one can enjoy while at this point in the dazzling state that one may never wish to go back. Nature lovers can opt from a collection of places, whereas the adventure seekers can openly sway from here to there as adventure water sports await them. Newly-wed couples can boast their special moments in the calm backwaters and hidden places, whereas buddies can hang out together in the Goan shacks and dance to some loud beat. Foodies can zest the scrumptious food and peace seekers can opt for a lonely place with a serene view for themselves. North Goa offers something for al. And most of all an insane peace of mind that is not so easy to get anywhere else.
So take a look at these unexpected places to visit in North Goa which will keep you visiting back again and again.

Fort Aguada

Aguada Fort is the most popular fort among all the architectures in Goa. In the beginning, this fort was a hub to the Portuguese people, whereas now it is converted into a jail. Don’t miss the panoramic view from the lighthouse while you are here. You ought to visit this place to explore the joyful views of the mighty Arabian Sea. Besides beaches, it is one of the best places to visit in North Goa.

Anjuna Beach Flea Market

Anjuna Beach Flea Market is a mini carnival in itself. Organized every Wednesday, this flea market is explored by the locals, Indian tourists an International tourists as well. This market is where one can find a lot of activities to do until late at night. This market is no less than a fashion street, where one can find great gifts, fashionable attires, and captivating artifacts. Food stalls are also part of this flea market as well, where one can savor some scrumptious Goan cuisine.

Deltin Casino

The Deltin Casino is one of the most popular casinos in Goa where one can try their luck. It is located on the Calangute beach in North Goa. Her one can have a feeling of Las Vegas. It is where you can savor several electronic games like Roulette, Blackjack, Slots, Poker, Craps and much more. One will also get a chic bar and plush lounges in the casino where you can enjoy the nightlife at its best.

Chapora Fort

Chapora Fort, another witness to the miracle of Portuguese architecture, is one of the top places one can include in your North Goa trip. The remains of the ruins of today were once where the Portuguese suppose to rule for more than 150 years. The ideal reason to visit this place is that it bids marvelous views of Anjuna Beach and Vagator Beach. It is a perfect hotspot for photographers to spend some ideal time and catch the moments in their camera. You will also get two tunnels that Portuguese bulti to break out in case of an emergency.
Calangute Beach
One cannot forget this popular beach from the list of places to visit in North Goa? It is named as “queen of beaches” by many tourists. Shopaholics—big showrooms of graceful handicrafts from Indonesia, Tibet, and Kashmir are lined up on the main road alongside the beach. From beach bathing to sipping drinks on the shack, you can have chilled. Laid-back time on the beach during your Goa holiday.
Grande Island
Grande Island is amongst the most bizarre yet wonderful tourist places in Goa. True to its name, it offers a grand experience to the adventure lovers who are seeking for adventure watersports as it is a hub to excellent Scuba Diving spots. Some of the Scuba Diving sites around Grand Island are Suzy’s Wreck, Shelter Cove and Bounty Bay. Take a day trip and don’t forget to experience Snorkeling or Scuba diving at Grande Island.
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An Ultimate Travel Guide To North Goa

No doubt, North Goa is a paradise for travelers. Hub to some really stunning beaches and serene point of worship, North Goa is an ideal part of the Goa trip. There is so much in North Goa that one can enjoy while at this point of the dazzling state that one may never wish to go back. Nature lovers can opt from a collection of places, whereas the adventure seekers can openly sway from here to there as adventure water sports await them. Newly-wed couples can boast their special moments in the calm backwaters and hidden places, whereas buddies can hangout together in the Goan shacks and dance to some loud beat. Foodies can zest the scrumptious food and peace seekers can opt a lonely place with a serene view for themselves. North Goa offers something for al. And most of all an insane peace of mind that is not so easy to get anywhere else.
So take a look at these unexpected places to visit in North Goa which will keep you visiting back again and again.

Fort Aguada

Aguada Fort is the most popular fort among all the architectures in Goa. At the beginning, this fort was a hb to the Portuguese people, whereas now it is converted into a jail. Don’t miss the panoramic view from the lighthouse while you are here. You ought to visit this place to explore the joyful views of the mighty Arabian Sea. Beside beaches, it is one of the best places to visit in north Goa.

Anjuna Beach Flea Market

Anjuna Beach Flea Market is a mini carnival in itself. Organized every Wednesday, this flea market is explored by the locals, Indian tourists an International tourists as well. This market is where one can find a lot of activities to do till late at night. This market is no less than a fashion street, where one can find great gifts, fashionable attires and captivating artifacts. Food stalls are also the part of this flea market as well, where one can savor some scrumptious Goan cuisine.

Deltin Casino

The Deltin Casino is one of the most popular casinos in Goa where one can try their luck. It is located on the Calangute beach in North Goa. Her one can have a feeling of Las Vegas. It is where you can savor several electronic games like Roulette, Blackjack, Slots, Poker, Craps and much more. One will also get a chic bar and plush lounges in the casino where you can enjoy the nightlife at its best.

Chapora Fort

Chapora Fort, another witness to the miracle of Portuguese architecture, is one of the top places one can include in your North Goa trip. The remains of the ruins of today was once where the Portuguese suppose to rule for more than 150 years. The ideal reason to visit this place is because it bids marvelous views of Anjuna Beach and Vagator Beach. It is a perfect hotspot for photographers to spend some ideal time and catch the moments in their camera. You will also get two tunnels that Portuguese bulti to breakout in case of an emergency.
Calangute Beach
One cannot forget this popular beach from the list of places to visit in North Goa? It is named as “queen of beaches” by many tourists. Shopaholics—big showrooms of graceful handicrafts from Indonesia, Tibet and Kashmir are lined up on the main road alongside the beach. From beach bathing to sipping drinks on the shack, you can have chilled. Laid-back time on the beach during your Goa holiday.
Grande Island
Grande Island is amongst the most bizarre yet wonderful tourist places in Goa. True to its name, it offers a grand experience to the adventure lovers who are seeking for adventure watersports as it is a hub to excellent Scuba Diving spots. Some of the Scuba Diving sites around Grand Island are Suzy’s Wreck, Shelter Cove and Bounty Bay. Take a day trip and don’t forget to experience Snorkeling or Scuba diving at Grande Island.
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Las Vegas Outfit Ideas. Any casino-themed party is not complete without the appropriate outfits, and while there are tons of different ideas for casino parties of every shape and size, it’s always good to back to the roots of what made casinos what they are today: Las Vegas. The city of Las Vegas changed the face of both North America and the world, introducing us to all the entertainment ... Generally, the nicer the venue, the more you want to wear long sleeves. Also, in some cultures, short sleeves is work attire, and you may be mistaken for a casino employee. That’s embarrassing. We always suggest you default to long sleeves, unless climate is a concern. Las Vegas in particular gets very hot in the summer. Las Vegas casinos frown upon shorts, flip flops, ripped or torn clothing and t-shirts. Las Vegas not only offers late-night activities, but it also has equally fun events taking place during the day time. Planning your entire wardrobe according to how you wish to spend your day in Vegas can help you dress right for every situation. Below is a comprehensive style guide as to how to dress for a ... Answer 1 of 36: Hi I'm travelling to Vegas for the first time in august for a few nights and I wondered if there was dress code in the casinos? I appreciate they could all be completely different, but are they formal or very casual? or down the middle... Jun 7, 2013 - When you are brave enough to go out and test your luck at your local casino, use this board to prepare the perfect gambling outfit. See more ideas about attire, casino, fashion. Winter visitors to Las Vegas should bring pieces that are good for layering. Evenings and mornings are cold, with the temperature averaging around 34F, so you need a jacket and sweater to layer under that for extra warmth. A chic scarf will also help keep you toasty. During the day it will warm up, getting into the mid-50s so peel off your layers as needed. A long sleeve top is ideal for the day. Dress Code in Las Vegas. Unless you’re going into an exclusive gambling area, you’ll find that the dress code is very relaxed. According to CasinoRobots.com, if you plan on gambling at tables or playing slots, you’ll be fine with casual attire.Just make sure that you look decent and you’re likely to be allowed in. Dressing for the Casino. Las Vegas dress codes. How to dress in Las Vegas.During the day the rules for men and women are pretty much the same. Shorts or jeans, blouses, sport shirts with collars, and good taste t-shirts are all acceptable. Obviously, clothes should be neat and clean. The torn beat up look is definitely not in. In the evening attire gets a little more formal. Shorts are out ... Las Vegas has a dress code... Dress to impress! We have classy cocktail dresses for 5-star dining and some seriously sexy club wear that will turn heads at every nightclub. We want you to have fun on your vacation and look good doing it. From the Vegas strip, to the shows, to the casinos and all the parties in between- we have every look covered.

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